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    TX - Charter school teacher set up hidden camera in girls' restroom, Houston

    Another creep -- seems he was watching from his computer in the classroom!!

    HPD: Teacher Videotaped Bathroom
    Craig McDonald Charged With Improper Photography Or Visual Recording

    Craig Bolivar McDonald, 59, was charged with improper photography or visual recording, which is a state felony.

    Investigators said McDonald is a teacher at Raul Yzaguirre School, which is a charter school located at 2950 Broadway.

    Police said two 17-year-old female students complained that they thought McDonald was watching them when they went to the restroom on Nov. 24.

    School officials investigated and said McDonald set up a hidden camera in the women's restroom smoke detector and had a video monitor to it under his desk.

    "It appeared that there was some sort of lens aimed at what appeared to him to be directly at the commode in the bathroom," said Richard R. Farias, president and CEO of Yzaguirre School.

    more here


    and another video report here


    And to think he may only get 2 years for this!
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    And I'll bet this is not a new development. Yuck!!

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    Well isn't that special. Sicko.

    I hope he is never allowed near children again. Sick sick sick.

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    TX - Teacher watched film of students in bathroom on screen at his desk, Houston


    HOUSTON -- A Houston teacher accused of secretly taping a female student in a school bathroom appeared in court Wednesday morning on a felony charge of improper photography.

    Craig McDonald teaches American history and government at the Raul Yzaguirre School for Success, a charter school in southeast Houston.

    Investigators allege McDonald installed video cameras in fake smoke detectors in the girls’ restroom at the school.

    Prosecutors said the students were the ones who raised concerns about McDonald.


    HOUSTON -- A Houston teacher was jailed this week for allegedly videotaping a female student in a bathroom.
    You can protect your children when they are in your care, but what about when they are in the care of the school?

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