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    NE - Omaha Wife turns in pervert husband

    Marty Beecham's wife did the right thing. She turned in her freak husband after taking the computer jump drive in for fixing. What was found on that piece of electronics no doubt stunned Mrs. Beecham.

    This Omaha man set up a camera on his computer while he had young girls sitting on his lap and did unthinkable things. Thankfully it seems these poor kids were unaware of what was going on. Beecham also filmed the girls who the wife described as friends of the family changing into their swimsuits at the home.

    O.K. I don't know what a "jump drive" is, but thankfully this woman went to the police. She has an attorney and he said Mrs. Beecham had no idea this was going on. She did the right thing turning him in. This lap sitting strikes a chord with me. I hate it. It's taking something innocent and exploiting children while often other adults are right there. Dam* perverts ruin everything.

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    Good for that woman. Respect and kudos.
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    That took real courage! I am very impressed that she turned him in and didn't try the "confrontation approach"!! Hooyah!!!

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    Very courageous woman......

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    Good for her!

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    I hope he is happy in prison

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    She is my hero....seriously

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    Martin J. Beecham -- Bail $2 million in child porn case


    A 53-year-old Papillion man who is charged with videotaping and sexually assaulting young girls was ordered held on $2 million bail this morning.

    Martin J. Beecham, 8013 Hidden Valley Drive, faces five counts of manufacturing child pornography, five counts of possessing child pornography and six counts of third-degree sexual assault of a child.

    To be released pending a trial, Beecham would have to post 10 percent, or $200,000.

    Sarpy County Judge Jeffrey Funke also order Beecham to have no contact with children younger than 18, to surrender his passport, and barred him from accessing Internet social networking sites, including chat rooms, or sexually explicit Web sites.

    Chief Deputy Sarpy County Attorney Tricia Freeman said Wednesday that the investigation is ongoing.

    Beecham declined to be interviewed.

    more here

    Hopefully nobody ponies up the $200K to spring this POS. errr, "alleged" POS.
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