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    PA - 26 asian students beat in school

    Come to America and be terrified to go to school. It's the great American way.

    Yesterday twenty six Asian students were beaten at South Philadelphia High School throughout the day. There's been racial tensions between the African American students and the Asian students at this school for a long time. Now ten students have been suspended. Big whoop. People have the right to go to school without fear for heaven sake.


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    Quote from article:

    District officials said 10 students have been suspended with the intent to expel. As of last night, no arrests had been made, but a police spokesman said the investigation continued and charges were pending.

    "We have asked that the Police Department prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law," said Michael Silverman, the regional superintendent who oversees South Philadelphia High.

    End Quote

    At least they are planning on expelling these students. Philly schools have always been notoriously bad. Some of them start at three times what I'm making in Central PA because that's the only way they can get anyone in there.

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