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    Australia - Coroner: self-help course led to woman's suicide


    "SYDNEY – An Australian coroner said Tuesday that participation in an intense self-help course led a woman to suffer a psychotic breakdown before she stripped naked and leaped to her death from an office window in front of horrified co-workers."

    "An autopsy found no drugs or alcohol in her system, and she had no history of mental illness."

    "In Australia, the psychotherapy and counseling industries are self-regulated, with no mandated training or accreditation requirements. Kabealo has a degree in business administration; Turning Point leader Richard Arthur has a degree in computer science."
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    4 days??? and THEN.........????

    Turning Point officials acknowledged during inquest hearings in August that the course was intense and included the controversial technique of childhood regressive therapy. Such therapy uses hypnotic techniques designed to emotionally regress people to childlike states so they can confront issues from their past.

    WTH are these people thinking-- regressing someone to their inner child's past then like "OK class, turn the page, next chapter"??? In a FOUR day class?

    Have they NO IDEA what kinda stuff gets churned up by people who are going along with this who have NO IDEA that ya don't go back to a less-than-perfect childhood & then just 'move along'' as tho nothing happened?

    IMO, it's reckless at a minimum to do this stuff. Poor Rebekah - she probably had no idea what she was getting into.
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    Wow.... I don't know what to say. Her poor family.

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    This story reminded me of the recent deaths in the sweat lodge at the "retreat". I have great respect for other people but sometimes, I just have to wonder where people's common sense goes. The only thing I can rationalize is that some must have so much inner pain they will try anything to free their inner demons.

    Requiring some accreditation might be a thought. This program was run by a business administrator and a computer scientist. It's like, "Folks, today our 747 will be flown by a City Planning Director" or "Not to worry, our dentists have all completed culinary school". Good grief.

    Can someone answer a question I've wondered about for a long time. Why do people remove their clothes when they are having a breakdown? Is it claustrophobia? I ask as it comes up in this article and it happened a block over from my house last week. A probation officer had a breakdown and removed her clothing and was running around out of control. Thankfully the EMT's got hold of her. Does anyone know or have a theory?

    Poor Rebekah. I hope her sad story is a turning point for Australia.

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    Was it the class that triggered her psychotic break or her not seeking regular,qualified psychiatric help in time? There had to be a reason she chose to attend the class and that may be the ultimate cause. But I agree,you can't just dredge up childhood issues in a 4 day course then abandon the person seeking help. That was probably the straw that broke the camels back.

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    How sad. There is a reason our minds block out traumatic experiences, IMO.

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    I know I have sensory issues. To much noise going on, being touched most of the time, it makes my skin crawl really Maybe this is what was experienced? like just a sick feeling of anything touching her possibly? i don't know very very sad case
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