I was so impressed with this guest editorial in the Oregonian, I wanted to share it. I had no idea that we've lost 18 people within the short span of 30 days in our state to domestic violence. One death seems to blur into the next and the next. Isn't that shameful? Please take a minute to read this and pass it on to your public officials. Every state needs to be convening an emergency response to this growing crisis. I know this is not just an "Oregon problem". We, here on WS, know all too well how badly our nation's families are suffering. And here we thought that Swine Flu was the big fear. Instead, it's domestic violence, murder, suicide, and familicide.

Some key points that bear repeating:

Shelter and safety services are not funded to meet the need.

Child welfare intervention must be coordinated with domestic violence services.

Domestic violence doesn't stay at home when its victims go to work.

Guns in the hands of perpetrators of domestic violence are a deadly combination.