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    VT - Animal Rights Activists eye VT Supreme Court regarding the death of a dog

    Shadow was shot intentionally by the neighbor of someone the Scheele's were visiting when he wandered into the neighbor's yard in June 2003. Lewis Dustin pled guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty, paid a 4000.00 fine and received 1 year probation as well as 100 hours community service.

    "Now the Scheeles are asking the court to carve out a new legal doctrine that a dog's owners can sue for emotional distress and loss of companionship, just like parents can when they lose children."

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    I do know that I would be very traumatized if this happened to my dog but I am also a firm believer in leash laws and would never just my dogs "wander" into other people's yards. I am afraid of big dogs myself and wonder if that was the reason the dog was shot. If so, I can understand why that could happen. I have an untended pit bull on one side of me and two German Shepherds on the other side. All three of these dogs and kept tied up outside constantly and are not given a lot of affection by their owners. I'm very afraid of all three and, though I personally don't own a gun, I wouldn't hesitate to kill them if they appeared to be coming at me or my kids.

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    First let me say I own a large, scary dog, who is a sweetheart, and I'd be devastated if anything happened to him. And I do think dogs have a special relationship to humans that no other animal shares.

    I think the Scheeles should have spent more effort keeping control of their dog. If they had, Shadow would probably be alive today. Dogs need to be under the control of their owners at all times. If your dog wanders into someone else's yard, this kind of thing can happen -- other people can't be expected to know whether your dog is vicious or not. I don't like the way these people are taking no responsibility for his death and portraying themselves as victims.

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    well, i'm not sure. I mean, the dog was on someone else's property. while not right and downright sick, wouldn't it be as if someone was on your property and you felt threatened? I agree, if they had kept the dog out it wouldn't be a situation. But at the same time...can we sue people who dogs run in front of for emotional distress? It just doesn't seem right
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    I haven't read the article yet but I would like to put forth my thoughts on this discussion. I have two dogs, a greyhound and a border collie. Both are great but one time one of my neighbors kid's ball went in my backyard so they went and got the ball and didn't close my gate that well. When I let my dogs out in the backyard the gate opened and they both got out. As soon as I noticed I ran down the street to find them and luckly got them back inside my house. If someone had shot either of my dogs in that situation I would be EXTREMELY devestated and would certainly be blaming them.

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    What a beautiful dog.

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