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    Thumbs up Finally, A Parent Does the Right Thing!!!!

    I am posting this for two reasons. One, the mother in this story did the right thing for the school and to teach her son the consequences of his actions. Two, I graduated from high school here, a very long time ago....LOL

    FREDERICK - A Frederick High School boy’s plans to unleash a stink bomb on his school landed him in the principal’s office and in a conversation with police this morning after his mother exposed the plot.

    The school was evacuated briefly after the boy’s mother took him to the principal’s office and revealed he had been experimenting with a mixture to release noxious fumes in the school. Police recovered a bag he had left near a school building, according to Frederick Police Chief Gary Barbour.


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    Good for her!!! More parents need to stand up to their kids like that!

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    The mother did do the right thing. I'm sure years ago that boys did set stink bombs off and it didn't end up with them in jail and huge fines placed on the parents, but it does nowadays. Hopefully she was able to prevent some trouble by catching him and reporting the incident before it actually happened, plus prevent future problems.

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