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    NC - Former Duke researcher pleads guilty to child sex crime


    "Under the terms of his plea agreement, Lombard, a former Duke University researcher, admitted to streaming a live pornographic image of himself and his adopted, five-year-old son to another Internet user. The boy was one of two adopted sons living with Lombard and his male partner...........Lombard will be sentenced March 30. He faces a minimum mandatory sentence of 15 years and a maximum of 30."


    "Lombard later said he didn't molest the child while his partner was home but that the partner was going on a four-day business trip. He further stated that the abuse of the child was easier when the child was too young to talk or know what was happening, but that he had drugged the child with Benadryl during the molestation, the affidavit said."

    This is a very hard post for me. Mr. Lombard set back adoption by gay couples at least a decade. I've worked so hard on advocacy for adoption by openly gay singles and couples and I'm VERY disappointed in the way this case played out. I refuse to turn away from news that is distasteful to me, though, or which is contrary to my personal "agenda".

    Plain and simple, Mr. Lombard is a pedophile. I have no idea if he actually set out to adopt little boys with his partner for the primary purpose of abuse or not. If he did, that is an abomination!! He certainly didn't suddenly become a pedophile upon the arrival of children in his home.

    Mr. Lombard obviously went to great lengths to conceal the abuse from his partner, a man whom police have said was devastated by the disclosures and was not involved in any way. Mr. Lombard scheduled his abuse of the child for times when his partner was traveling on business.

    I can't imagine the pain his partner has been put through. The children were initially removed from the home. I am so hopeful that they can return, if appropriate, to their other Dad. These children were adopted at young ages and this was the only family they knew.

    This case has been a hot topic on adoption forums and anti-gay forums since it broke. I find it disgusting that on many of the anti-gay forums the child victim is referred to by the N-word. Some will use this case as "absolute proof" that gay men should not be allowed to adopt.

    I would ask everyone to look at the statistics of straight fathers (birth, step, adoptive, and foster--of every color and religion) who rape their children and keep this in mind.

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    i hope this man ROTS!! i'm sure his prison-mates will have a field day with him!

    this case has especially angered me. like you, i not only feel for the sweet boy who was hurt by this monster, but i am furious but some of the comments i have read on other forums about how this is "proof" that gay people shouldn't have children!

    wonder what will happen to the little boy and his sibling. i hope they wont be taken away from their other dad and the rest of their family.

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    The adoption "world" is watching carefully. It would be unprecedented for Children's Services to remove the children permanently given that the other Dad had no idea what was going on. In "straight" families, that's certainly not the case. The children and the non-offending parent will be offered services and support to heal. That had better be what is happening in this case. I'll post as soon as I learn any news.

    I don't want to offend anyone here, but I have to repeat that the anti-gay parenting group which has lit up several forums on this subject have not shown themselves to be very kind. To call babies vile names is inexcusable in my book.

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    So glad that he is going to get some heavy jail time for this. Here is the previous thread on this:
    Happy New Years

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