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    GA - Paul, 35, & Jennifer Budrawich, 22, murdered, Dawson County, 19 Dec 2009

    Jennifer and Paul Budrawich went missing in North Georgia Saturday night while driving to visit her children. Budrawich, 21, and her husband, Paul, came to Dawson County from their home in Effingham County over the weekend to visit (as they do every other weekend) her children, who are in the custody of other relatives. Jennifer Budrawich was found dead Sunday near a Dawson County river.

    Late Sunday night police arrested 40-year-old Jesse James Kilgore on murder charges. Kilgore, Police say, is Jennifer Budrawich’s stepfather and also the father of one of her children .

    Kilgore’s nephew 27-year-old Benjamin Kelly Mullinax was arrested as well for tampering with evidence. Authorities began their investigation after a chilling 911 call. Police say they can make out three voices on the tape—Jennifer Budrawich and two other men. According to a police transcript, a woman can be heard asking, “Why are you shooting at us?“ Police say a man’s voice threatened, “I’m going to kill both of you.“

    http://www2.wsav.com/sav/news/local/article/chilling_911_call_last_words_of_effingham_county_w oman/79369/

    A second body found in a Dawson County river Monday morning is believed to be the husband of a woman found dead nearby yesterday.

    Authorities resumed the search for Paul Budrawich after daybreak on Monday, and about 9:30 a.m., a man's body was found in the river, about 500 yards upstream from where Jennifer Budrawich's body was discovered and about 100 yards from where investigators believe the two were killed.

    Kilgore's nephew, Benjamin Kelly Mullinax, 27, was also arrested Sunday and charged with tampering with evidence.


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    Whoa! NoZ, he was also her Uncle. Her step-father, child's father and he was married to her aunt?

    It's sad as some of the comments on the web are making fun because they are Southern. I mean we have two people murdered here. Children now don't have a mother.

    At this link it says when the Judge asked about reading something Kilgore said "reading and writing not too good, but I understand it". The charges he means. So, this child the dad is the grandpop and great-uncle?


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    I just heard the 911 call where she she is sobbing and says" I can't believe I'm going to die"

    OMG, her kids are going to hear this one day.


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    I read the links hoping to see the ages of the kids and who they were with, but no mention. If this family thinks an incestuous burglar who can't read and write too good is good marriage material, I hope someone amongst them is taking proper care of the children. It wouldn't suprise me one bit to learn that the child this man fathered is at least six or seven years old.

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    "The Budrawiches were in town for the holidays to visit her children, who live with relatives in Dawson and Pickens counties.
    Jennifer Budrawich’s Dec. 15 post on the social networking site myspace.com states she was thinking “about my babies. I miss them so much.”
    Budrawich was the mother to A***, age 4, P***, age 2, and C*****, 9 months."


    This statement from the same link was odd...

    "According to Effingham County Sheriff’s incident reports, Paul Budrawich’s family received a text message from his phone and pictures on a MySpace page that showed the Budrawiches with the children. But Paul’s relatives told investigators they believed the pictures appeared to be fabricated.

    The report also states that Jennifer’s mother received a phone call at 8 a.m. Saturday morning that Jennifer and Paul were about five minutes away from their visitation appointment."

    This sounds like it was premeditated. Some of the comments I had read yesterday on the web seemed to indicate the husband, Paul was about 2 weeks away from getting custody of some of the children, and that this may have been a factor in the shooting. How evil can someone be that they kill the mother of a child right before Christmas?

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    This is just heartbreaking... I heard this call on the news yesterday At least this woman in what we know now to be some of her last words was able to give out details of where she was to help authorities find her and her husband on the 911 call.

    It will be interesting too learn (if we ever do) the motive behind this, this monster who did this needs to beg for his life when his time comes with no mercy. I am so tired of people thinking they can just take someone's life like this and it's ok ! Who made them God. Her children I hope are safe, prayers for her and her husband's family and the children this is just horrific....
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    This article has a picture of both men arrested

    ************************************************** ********************

    Stepfather arrested in killing of Effingham County couple
    Bodies of Jennifer and Paul Budrawich found in Amicalola River
    Posted: December 22, 2009 - 8:03am

    A missing Effingham County man was found slain in a north Georgia river Monday, one day after the body of his wife was found nearby. Two men have been charged in the killings.

    The body of Paul Budrawich, 35, of Springfield was found in the Amicalola River in Dawson County about 9:30 a.m. Monday, Lt. Tony Wooten of the Dawson County Sheriff's Office said.

    Sheriff investigators first found the body of his wife, 22-year-old Jennifer Budrawich, Sunday afternoon in the same river about 600 yards from the crime scene, Wooten said.

    The couple had both been shot, most likely by a handgun, Wooten said.

    Arrested and charged with the killings were 40-year-old Jesse James Kilgore - Jennifer Budrawich's stepfather as well as the father of one of her two young children - and Benjamin Kelly Mullinax, 27. Mullinax is the nephew of Kilgore

    What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you....
    Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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    Her mother has custody of one of the children and is married to Kilgore, her daughter's alleged murderer. I'm assuming it's the oldest in her custody and that he is the one fathered by Kilgore. I'm assuming the 2 youngest were J & P's together living with his family. Could her own mother have known this was going to happen? I hope not.
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    How terribly sad....

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    How sad and sick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tizzle View Post
    Her mother has custody of one of the children and is married to Kilgore, her daughter's alleged murderer. I'm assuming it's the oldest in her custody and that he is the one fathered by Kilgore. I'm assuming the 2 youngest were J & P's together living with his family. Could her own mother have known this was going to happen? I hope not.
    My thoughts exactly! Could it be that since she most likely could not have a child with Jesse, that she wanted to take/raise his child with her daughter and not return the child to Jennifer? It seems odd to me that Jennifer's mother is not speaking out at all. I also wonder what kind of relationship Jennifer had with her own mother.
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    GA - Paul, 35, & Jennifer Budrawich, 22, murdered, Dawson County, 19 Dec 2009

    DAWSONVILLE, GA - It's a bizarre double murder case that has much of North Georgia and many people on the web buzzing.

    Maybe that's because one of the two suspects is the stepfather of a victim, was once her uncle by marriage and fathered a child by her.

    That suspect, 40-year-old Jesse James Kilgore, said very little when he appeared before a Dawson County Magistrate Judge late Monday afternoon.

    When the magistrate asked Kilgore if he could speak, understand, read and write English, Kilgore replied, "Uh, read and write not too good, but I understand it."

    Also appearing before that magistrate was Kilgore's nephew, 27-year-old Benjamin Kelly Mullinax.

    Both men are being held without bond on two counts of murder and tampering with evidence.

    They're accused of shooting to death Kilgore's stepdaughter/niece, 22-year-old Jennifer West Budrawich and her husband, Paul.

    The couple live in Effingham County, but had driven to Dawson County to visit some of her children who are staying with relatives.

    Dawson County investigators became aware of the case on Saturday when they got a 911 call from Jennifer Budrawich.

    Much of the chilling call is unintelligible, but at one point she can be heard pleading with some men, "Why are you shooting at us?"

    Later Saturday evening authorities found a car belonging to Budrawich and her husband left in the parking lot of a grocery store in neighboring Pickens County.

    Surveillance video, which authorities have not released, apparently shows a man getting out of the Budrawich's car and walking over to another man in a pickup before they drive off.

    Authorities say evidence in the car led them to Kilgore and his nephew.

    Jennifer Budrawich's body was found in the Amicalola River just a few miles west of Dawsonville on Sunday.

    Her husband Paul's body was found only a few hundred yards from the same spot Monday morning.

    Dawson County Sheriff Department chief investigator, Major John Cagle, would not discuss a motive for the killings.

    He did say they are not related to Kilgore's arrest about six months ago on burglary charges.

    Kilgore and Mullinax are set to appear in court again on January 19th for a preliminary hearing where investigators typically disclose a summary of the case

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    Oh my frippen goodness sakes. He was her stepfather, so married to her Mother, Uncle, so married to an Aunt and FATHERED her child?! My God, I have a feeling that was NOT a consentual relationship. And who was he married to when he fathered her child? And ewww! I am flabergasted. This sounds like something out of a backwoods 1800 story, where the people are uneducated. Sorry, not trying to sound predjudiced, but this is just totally bizarre! I hope he fries!!! Or at least gets lethal injection.

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    I feel really badly for the families of both victims. I don't understand what would motivate a crime like this. It's kind of hard to understand the stepdaughter/niece/mother of his child relationship- the poor girl was only 22, Kilgore had no reason to be near her, IMO and then he/they killed her husband too. What a horrible crime. Praying that justice is served.

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    From April 2010:


    Benjamin Kelly Mullinax, 28, told Superior Court Judge Bonnie Oliver he was guilty of all charges in relation to the deaths of Jennifer Budrawich, 22, and Paul Budrawich, 35...

    Authorities say Mullinax was not the trigger man, but was involved in luring the couple to the river and concealing their bodies. In the negotiated plea, he received two consecutive life sentences. He will be eligible for parole in 30 years.

    Judge Andrew Fuller sentenced Jessie James Kilgore, 40, to life without parole.

    Kilgore is the second man to plead guilty in the deaths of Jennifer and Paul Budrawich, whose bodies were pulled from the Amicalola River over two days last December...

    According to court testimony, Kilgore, who fathered Jennifer Budrawich's oldest son and is married to her mother, shot the couple over an ongoing child custody dispute.

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