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    FL - Mob backstory: Police arrest 10 in Char-Pal Lounge drug sting

    Police arrest 10 in Char-Pal Lounge drug sting


    TAMPA — The sordid history of one of Tampa's very own mob landmarks gained a new chapter Thursday when police arrested 10 people in an undercover drug sting at the Busch Boulevard bar.

    Most people know Char-Pal Lounge as the place where notorious New York enforcer Henry Hill and accomplices beat a local bar owner until he agreed to pay his gambling debts.

    The scene was immortalized and exaggerated in Martin Scorcese's film Goodfellas when the on-screen Hill threatened to throw the debtor to the lions....
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    I was really surprised to see a thread about this bar. I think it is also the place where Tinze Lucinda Huels was last seen.

    Her sons recollection calls it Char Pez but I'm pretty sure it was actually this place. I don't see that a Char Pez ever existed and this place was on Busch which matches where her son says it was.


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