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    The Mystery Behind van Gogh's Ear


    Mystery No More: Scholar Finds Clue to van Gogh's Ear

    The mystery behind the most famous mutilation in art history may finally have been solved, the Times of London reported.

    A scholar has found evidence that a distraught Vincent van Gogh slashed his ear after learning that his brother, Theo, on whom he depended financially and emotionally, was about to get married.

    Martin Bailey, who has written a book on van Gogh and curated two exhibitions of his work, devised his theory after meticulous detective work on a letter in a painting that the artist completed soon after he injured himself.

    Bailey concludes that this letter was written by Theo from Paris in December 1888 and contained news of his engagement. This, he believes, tipped Vincent, who was already psychologically disturbed, into self-harm.

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    van Gogh would in our times be considered one co-dependent dude.

    I always thought this was the reason he cut his ear off so this comes
    as no great shock to me. Another talented person with many pyschological problems.


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    I always imagined how hard it must have been to see the world the way he did and have no one understand it until years later....
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