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    TX - Brownsville, TX Asst. Principal Accused of Texting for Sex


    "BROWNSVILLE - A Brownsville ISD assistant principal is fighting to clear his name. Four teenage girls claim he texted them for sex.

    This isn't the first time he's been in the hot seat. The Porter High School assistant principal claims he's innocent."

    This case worries me all because of a personal experience. A few years ago, I caught wind (through an overheard conversation) that a special ed student in our community was planning on making allegations about an administrator in our school. She very clearly stated that she was doing it "to pay him back for suspending her" and "he was going to be sorry".

    My husband and I spent a very uncomfortable night weighing what needed to be done as we are mandated reporters. We called the principal the next morning and together we all called the police. It was sooo hard as we didn't really believe that anything happened but we knew that we had to do the follow through. It wasn't for us to judge. It broke our hearts to see this good man really suffer through a week long investigation.

    Thank goodness, he was cleared off all wrong doing and the girl retracted her story. So, I know students can do this without understanding the full implications of their actions. The antes upped, though, when four say the same thing.

    If you are going to work with teens, you've got to have a tough skin and always keep your door open. The vice principal at any high school is a vulnerable position as they typically handle discipline and troubled students. It's a thankless job IMO.

    I'll reserve judgement on this case until we hear more. If this man did this through texts, he's mighty stupid!! If he's guilty of preying on young students he deserves to be publicly shamed and thoroughly punished. Children are entitled to safety in their schools.

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    Ok how does a high school principal have that kind of money first of all? I am not gonna count out the fact that the girls are out to get him because I have known a situation where something like this happened with a teacher and ruined his life when he did nothing wrong. If he is guilty I am sure they will find out and he will get what he deserves. I really hope this isnt a revenge thing though because if so its really hateful. One other thing I noted is that he has been there 25 years. Howcome he waited so long? Then I see it says its not the first time he was in the hot seat but doesnt elaborate on what else it was he did. So I guess we will see.

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    What I would like to know is if any of these texts have been confirmed. It shouldn't be hard AT ALL to get the records from the phone company, especially with the consent of the girls' parents.

    I would think that good detective work would involve this very simple step before an arrest.

    I will say that if he did it, he is a moron. But then, we have seen from many other cases that money, power, and education do not stop some people from acting like morons where sex is concerned!

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    A little more info. The lead article this morning made me think that this had just occurred. The case is actually a month old and phone records were subpoenaed. I doubt if he would have been arrested in LE hadn't found something. There are also comments from previous students here:


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