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    MA - John Perez 39, guilty of Rape of a child in MA

    This is an interesting case where the punishment and the crime seem at odds to me...

    Perez confessed to raping and touching a 12 year old over a period of 3 months. The charges include "natural and unnatural sex" (whatever that means). There was a plea deal in the case, and the DA asked for 7 years in prison with a lengthy probation while being monitored via GPS. The defense countered by saying Perez was a "family man", that this was "aberrant behavior" for Perez and that he had never been convicted of a crime before, and was remorseful. The child was a friend of his daughter's.

    The judge split the difference and gave him 4 years with 5 years GPS probation and no contact with the accuser. He will have to register as an SO of course, but will only receive SO counseling if the department of probation sees fit.

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    The key here is never been CONVICTED of a crime. No telling how many more little girls he's raped or molested and he just never got caught.

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    "Aberrant Behaviour"---BS, wanna bet this was not his first time?

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