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    Thank you Haley, Steadfast and Momtective!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by what about this? View Post
    I just read over all the comments in the thread, and when TSP first comes back and says it was a "no go", that they (TPS and the 6 news stations) had been waiting for Sheriff Joe to give the green light - then they got the e-mail about no media for Elizabeth -- so it looks to me like Sheriff Joe said no.
    HOORAY! I was sitting here getting literally ill thinking about Tammi interviewing Elizabeth. I have no sympathy for Elizabeth, but doesn't she realize yet that Jack and Tammi used her and are still using her. It's actually a shame if she hasn't been able to see them on TV, maybe she would have figured it out.

    As to someone else's question about lockdowns... again, I am not sure about the frequency of jail lockdowns. In California prison lockdown can be very frequent. They have been this year especially and it typically has to do with rival gangs in the prisons. Some of them can go on for a while and privileges like visitation is not the first thing they get back as they slowly reintroduce things. Sometimes, I think that is not good (the sequence of what is given back first), but in the case of Elizabeth, I am hoping Tammi can't visit anytime soon - like not until she is sharing a jail cell

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    Quote Originally Posted by pghbrandi View Post
    Thank you Haley, Steadfast and Momtective!!!

    Did you get it to work? I love that feature so helpful in the sleuthing dept.

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    [ame=""]AZ-Gabriel Johnson, 8 months, missing since 12-26-09 thread #5 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]
    "Don't forget the kangaroo!"

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