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    Man On "Do Not Board" List Flies Into SFO

    I'm just not feeling secure flying lately:


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    Why do we even have these lists if people are too incompetent to follow them???

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    My thoughts exactly Idaho. I'm just afraid one day they may miss one,and it may be too late. Do your job people,it's very important!!!!

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    Excellent. No worries as the CDC says more or less it's no big deal. What?

    What's the chances that someone in Philly's airport "missed" this?

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    I just DON'T GET IT!
    (and I'm ever so thankful that I don't have a job that requires travel)
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    Oh but every time the government takes over, things are better right??? as in Federalizing the damn security? What a joke, except that it's a very serious matter that the knotheads can't seem to get straight.
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    Once they realized what happened, they could have contacted the flight crew and the man could have been required to wear a face mask for the rest of the trip so as not to put others at risk. Did HE know he was on a Do Not Fly list?

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    I just read this story in my morning newpaper and I am outraged! This man is a public safety threat!!! TB is highly contagious, airborne and can be spread by coughing- I know from personal experience- I got exposed to it by a patient in a nursing home coughing on me! I can no longer take the Tine wrist test, I have to get chest x-rays, and I had to be on medication for it every single day for a whole year!!! It was the airlines' job to stop this man whether he knew he had it or not, which he probably knew since they had hospitalized him for it the day before!!!
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    I think the outrage should be directed at the person who put others in danger. He/she should be fined or arrested for his behavior.If I was on a no fly list and I knew I had a disease that was contagious, I would have the responsibility of not endangering others. I should have the moral obligation to protect other people. Thats whats wrong now, no one cares for anyone but themselves.
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