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    UK - Scott Ritter- Former UN Weapons Inspector Caught in Online Sex Sting


    The former top United Nations weapons inspector has been caught in a sex sting.

    Scott Ritter, who served as chief weapons inspector in Iraq, told a 15-year-old girl he wanted to have sex with her and also filmed himself carrying out a sex act on a webcam.

    But instead of talking to a teenage girl, he was in contact with an undercover police officer in an online chatroom seeking out child predators.

    Ritter, 44, is facing up to ten years in jail and a lifetime on the sex offenders register after being charged with child endangerment.
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    I get so angry when I hear about these pos with "position" doing these things. No wonder our laws for pedos are so lax. It feeds my conspiracy theory...... that higher ups are involved in some of this stuff and that is why is seems LE never makes any headway in shutting these guys down...


    PS - thank Ocean for the article.

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    hmmm i wonder if the possibiiity of stuff like this happening is why dateline predator isnt on the air anymore.
    i see to remember some district attorney got busted in one of there stings (he propisitioned the undercover cop posing as a teen online, and sent out photos, but failed to show at the house) and when felt the noose tightening around him, killed himself.
    for some reason the outrage in the community was against dateline and the LE conducting the sting instead of this POS...

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