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    WA - Family fears accused rapist after he bails out

    Saw this story on Northwest Cable News last night. It angers me.

    Family fears accused rapist after he bails out

    SEATTLE - A local family says their safety is at high risk because of the low bail which has allowed an accused rapist to get back onto the streets.

    Thomas has been on the run for years, apparently living in the shadows of Las Vegas, trying to stay one step ahead of the law and the child rape charge he was facing in Washington state.

    "I guess the biggest fear is that he that the system has failed. And that someone that has been on the run for so long can have bail," said the family member.

    That's just what happened. Early Wednesday morning, just hours before a hearing where prosecutors would have argued for high bail, Thomas found a bail bondsman and walked out of the King County Jail. He never showed up for his bail hearing.
    Snipped from article.


    Another article. Snipped and BBM.

    Judge denies request to raise bail for accused rapist

    SEATTLE -- An accused child rapist who has been on the run from the law for nearly six years appeared in a King County courtroom Thursday morning.

    In court Thursday, prosecutors asked Thomas' bail be increased to $250,000, but the judge denied the request and ordered the bail to remain at $25,000 with a number of conditions. Thomas was told he cannot have contact with his victim and that he must remain in the area.

    The family he's accused of victimizing says the system has failed and they are hiding in fear. They say their safety is at risk because of the low bail, which has allowed Thomas to get back onto the streets.

    "So I just all of gathered my things and I gathered my family members and we left," says one family member who asked not to be identified.

    How sad is that for the family? The judge told the guy to stay away from the victime and remain in the area. Hello? He was on the run for 6 years. What's going to stop him from running again?

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    Unreal! Nothing like the victim having to run. What kind of judge protects the perp and not the victim? Grrrrr!

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    I am speechless. With his history of running and hiding from the law, WHY would this judge think it is ok to let him loose? I wish the judge respected the victims half as much as he does the criminal.

    Things like this just make me sick.

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    you have to be kidding........this guy was on the run for years and he gets essentially 2,500 bail? remove the freaking judge from the bench
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubby View Post
    Unreal! Nothing like the victim having to run. What kind of judge protects the perp and not the victim? Grrrrr!
    Unfortunately, It's becoming the NORM now!!!!
    Robert Harrod will be found.

    All my posts are MOO and nothing but MOO!!!!

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    There's some real justice there alrightie. Are ya freakin kiddin me?

    Poor family. Poor child. Poor society.

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    We need a person to run for office that will stand up for victims. Our country should be ashamed that victims are trounced upon by criminal rights. There is nothing to be gained by releasing criminals, shortening sentances and making plea bargains, other than to attempt to tighten the rampant cost of housing prisioners. But, at what cost is this occuring?

    It is unsafe and negligent to release offenders that have proven a propensity to run or reoffend. I will be willing to pay additional taxes if it will protect potential victims of crime. Unfortunately, the best our society has come up with to this point is to isolate offenders, so lets do that to the best of our abilities and protect others from enduring physical, emotional and financial violence in their lives.

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