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    MO - Sheila, 40, & Blake Johnson, 10, murdered, Lebanon, 22 Jan 2010

    Authorities in La Clede County are investigating a double homicide.

    Sources close to the investigation confirm that an elementary school aged little boy (5th grade) and his mother are the victims in the case. They were found dead shortly before 8 a.m. after a family member received a message saying that "someone should go check on the family."

    The family alerted authorities who sent a Highway patrol trooper to check on the family.

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    Horrible! I pray for swift justice and continue to have disbelief how cruel and inhumane a human being can be.

    Prayers for the family members left behind.

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    This country's families are suffering so much right now. There's just more stress than some can bear. This is so so sad. My heart goes out to the remaining family. Violence is not the answer!!

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    As of newstime at 6:00, we learned that a vehicle with a body inside was found in Laclede County. KSPR's Emily Rittman is still in Laclede County and will have the latest on this discovery, and any connection to the homicides later tonight at 10.


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    UPDATE @ 9:36 p.m.

    The Laclede County Sheriff says the body found in a quarry Friday afternoon has been identified.

    Authorities towed the vehicle from a quarry one mile north of Lebanon.

    Sheriff Wrinkle has 'tentatively' identified the body as that Todd Johnson.

    Family members had to identify the body by scars and marks due to the wreckage.

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    LE shouldn't be so quick to call it a murder/suicide.

    Why was the 8 year old left alive and unharmed?

    Obviously TJ knew his other son was there too.

    Makes no sense.

    He has an adopted daughter, but her age is not told.

    I hope LE investigates thoroughly. moo
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    With the eight year old being inside the home he should be able to tell them what happened.

    We have seen in other cases where one or two children will not be killed and others are.

    Bless the families of the victims.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oceanblueeyes View Post
    With the eight year old being inside the home he should be able to tell them what happened.

    We have seen in other cases where one or two children will not be killed and others are.

    Bless the families of the victims.

    I thought I read the eight year old was asleep when the crimes occurred, but found the bodies the next morning. Poor little boy -- thank goodness a relative came to the house. I am sure he can tell them what was happening that evening.

    There doesn't seem to be a week that this kind of crime is not happening.


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    Very strange!

    More details emerge about Johnson family deaths: Sheriff Says Person Was Waiting In Garage When Lebanon Family Was Murdered.

    Early on in the investigation cops said they were interviewing a person of interest in the case, and looking "for a family member to check his well being."

    Turns out that the person of interest cops were talking to was the Sonic employee that Todd Johnson allegedly "hired" to steal his wife's jewelry and make it look like someone had broken into his home. When the employee told Johnson that he couldn't find his wife's jewelry, he told the man that what he really wanted him to do was kill his family.

    The employee that was supposed to kill the Johnson family hid in the garage Thursday night/Friday morning, but couldn't go through with the murders.

    Sources close to the investigation say that Johnson had told people that he was going to fire the employee and was, "afraid that he might follow him home one night." Investigators believe it was a set up, and that the man was also going to become a victim.

    The employee that Johnson allegedly hired to burglarize his home left in his employers truck after he says he heard Johnson killing his family.


    There is still much more to come in the investigation, but right now the sheriff tells KY3 that Sheila and Blake Johnson appeared to be murdered in their home, and the way 43 year old Todd Johnson died appears consistent with suicide.

    The first person to hear that something may have gone terribly wrong in the house on Goldenwood Drive in Lebanon was Todd Johnson's brother, via an e-mail from Todd himself. "It was sent at five something. He got it at seven something," says Laclede County Sheriff Richard Wrinkle.
    Todd's brother, on vacation, called a mutual friend in Rogersville. That friend was with another man, an employee of one of the Sonics that Todd Johnson managed, who said he had just been at the Johnson's house from around ten Thursday night to 3 or 4 in the morning. That man said Todd brought him to the house to steal jewelry, so he could file an insurance claim. The Rogersville man also said there had been rumors about Todd firing him from his job at a Sonic, but the man said that was not true.
    "He was interviewed by highway patrol and one of my investigators. He cooperated. He let them take his vehicle from Rogersville to Springfield, where it was examined by the lab up there," says Wrinkle.

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    What a twisted set of events. I wonder if Todd killed his wife and oldest son and was sickened by his actions and stopped before he killed his youngest child. He then killed himself, or did the employee kill everyone and overlooked the eight year old. The suicide scenario sounds staged, but TC is often surreal.

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    i feel this is way to soon to speculate murder/suicide..WHY would he leave his 8 year old unharmed? also email his brother to tell him to take care of his family and finances???? I feel he was killed.

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