"Caveman" Bandit Assaults Employee, Robs Bank


9:26 PM PST, January 22, 2010

The unidentified male passed a note under the bandit barrier to a teller saying, "This is a robbery, I have a gun. If you don't want no one to get hurt, give me the money," according to Laura Eimiller of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Los Angeles Field Office.

According to reports, when the teller did not immediately comply, the bandit stated, "I'm not kidding," and grabbed an employee standing at the next window.

The suspect then grabbed the employee by her neck and pulled her hair, according to Eimiller.

After receiving the cash, the man exited the bank. There was no vehicle observed.

The bank robber has been dubbed the "Caveman Bandit" based on his boorish behavior, Eimiller said.

That dude is dumber than a box of rocks!! just look at how clear that picture of him is!! I bet he's picked up by the time I finish writing this.