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    IL - Lake in the Hills pair charged in juvenile pimping

    Stories like these just break my heart. I know they may not seem as serious as some of the crimes that go on, but to know a child was put through something like this is just horrible.
    And please, watch who your kids are talking to on myspace!


    LAKE IN THE HILLS – A Lake in the Hills man and woman were charged Thursday with juvenile pimping of a teenage girl whom they allegedly met via MySpace.

    Donald R. Jones, 52, and Antwanette R. Atkins, 42, both of 3593 Sonoma Circle, also have been charged with involuntary servitude of a minor, said James Wales, Lake in the Hills director of police and public safety.
    Welcome to the world Bridget!

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    Grace this is just as serious as anything else posted on this Board. A child usd by some scum buckets. This poor child's life is changed forever.

    There's pieces of my heart that rip out anytime I hear or see this go on. Kids. Kids out there in this ugly world being exploited.

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