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    MI - Alicia Digna, 26, Romulus, 27 Aug 2008

    Please take a look at the links to more info (pics, missing flyer) on Alicia directly below this post from Alicia's mom that was left on another support forum. Maybe someone can help to find this young lady.

    Alicia is a very ill young woman, Alicia was born with several birth defects. Alicia life is truly a miracle. Alicia was born with a Neuroblastoma. This changed into a gangelionueroma. Alicia is one of a few children who have lived past age of five with this kind of tumor. When Alicia was 16, they opened her spine and remove the Neuroblastoma. Even though they are normally malignant, hers was benign. This was a 7 ˝ hour surgery. Five days later they had to do another surgery to remove the gangelionueroma, which was 22 pounds, from her abdomen; it was completely surrounding her sciatic nerve. It covered the entire nerve for 8 inches or more; this 2nd surgery took another 5 hours. That was one of the most terrifying weeks of my life, until she went missing. Her spinal tumor came back when she was 23 years old. Alicia’s surgeon had to operate again to find that her tumor is now inoperable. It is inside her main spinal nerve and still growing, this could paralyze or could kill her.

    Alicia now has the new diagnosis of MS. She also has Hydrocephalus to add to her many life threatening medical conditions. Alicia is missing all of her medicines and as all of her medical conditions could result in death, permanent brain and spinal cord damage. Alicia may not even no who she is and may have amnesia/brain damage already.

    Hydrocephalus occurs when excess fluid builds up in your brain, most often because of an obstruction preventing proper fluid drainage. The excess fluid can compress surrounding, fragile brain tissue, causing brain damage.

    On August 27th.2008 Alicia had just gotten her car out of impound from a previous car theft, she left my home in Romulus Michigan and went directly to the Secretary of State, to get her license plates renewed as they had expired while in impound. Her car was found again in a different area of Detroit, on September 9th, 2008. This leads me to believe that she could have been car jacked, or her car was dumped at a location other than where she was taken. Alicia loves her independence and her car represents this for her. There have been no leads since that day. My daughter has never lived more than 25 miles away from me, her mother and has never remained out of contact with her family or friends for more that 3 days in her entire life. Alicia would not have paid to have her vehicle licensed just to abandon it. Alicia has full medical insurance that is unused and she needs several medications. Alicia has Social Security Disability Benefits she hasn’t accessed. I am her guardian and her not calling me to ask for money or any of her other needs also leads us to believe she has come to harm or foul play is in involved; Alicia would also use her food assistance card. Her phone was stolen and before I could get her another one she vanished.

    Alicia is out there without money, a phone, any transportation, medical care and left with no way to contact me. She may not even remember my house address or phone number.

    I have hired a private detective. He has also had no leads.

    Your help in searching for so many others warms my heart. I would love for your help in my daughter Alicia Digna’s case. Please help to bring her home to the family who loves her very much. It is devastating to us not knowing where she is or if she is safe.

    Thank you all for helping us and gives us such Hope for Alicia.
    These are some sites she she is on.
    (Alicia’s mother) Pam Digna





    Charley Project Profile:
    Want to Make a Difference? Here's Your Chance! Click HERE to Support Help Find the Missing Act - Billy's Law

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    I am not seeing much of anything for updates. Does look like she has been ruled out as a doe in NH.

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    up north

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    The first annual Missing in Michigan Event was held on May 7th, 2011 at Ford Field in Detroit, MI. The slideshow was made to commemorate the families of the missing that attended the event.

    Alicia is included.

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    Her tattoo seems kind of strange/concerning to me..."Property of Charley (Davidson)". Has this guy been looked into as a suspect?

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    Featured on Livingston County's cold case Facebook page:


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