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    Timeline - Thursday, December 17 through Monday, December 21, 2009


    I created these timelines for my personal use in tracking the case, and will continue to keep my personal timelines in my WS blog. Please feel free to copy, change, add, subtract, or modify the ones in these threads, however you need to, for your own use in helping to find Gabriel.


    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    The custody hearing takes place.

    Logan is designated by the judge to be Gabrielís legal father.

    Elizabeth and Logan are granted joint custody, with Elizabeth having custody Wednesday to Sunday, and Logan having custody Sunday to Wednesday.

    Tammi has stated that the Smiths, Elizabeth, Gabriel, Logan, and Logan's father were all to have lunch this day, but that after the hearing, Logan and his father walked right by them and left, and the lunch did not take place.

    The Smiths have stated that at this hearing, Elizabeth alone was granted custody, and that Logan was simply granted Ďa visití. The court documents clearly refute this.

    Friday, December 18, 2009

    Logan is to have a visit with Gabriel.

    Elizabeth gets Gabriel from the Smiths, at a church.

    The Smiths have stated several times, including on Jack's Facebook, that Elizabeth was getting Gabriel for his visit with Logan.

    Tammi also stated that Logan said he was going to take Gabriel to his sister's house in Illinois, and take Elizabeth out to the desert where nobody would ever find her again. Tammi stated that it is when Logan said this that Elizabeth decided not to let Logan have Gabriel for his 'unsupervised' weekend 'visit'. It should be noted that since making this statement, Tammi has stated that, to her knowledge, Logan has never been abusive.

    CBS5 conducted an independent investigation of Logan, and reported that they were unable to "uncover a shred of evidence that he was anything other than a hard working, supportive man."

    Logan goes to the trailer to pick up Gabriel for his visit and finds Elizabeth and Gabriel gone.

    Elizabeth and Gabriel's whereabouts are unknown from December 18 until December 22 when she checks into a hotel in San Antonio.

    Saturday, December 19, 2009

    This is more likely to have occurred Monday, December 21.

    Logan finds out there is a CPS report wherein Elizabeth filed an abandonment complaint, falsely claiming that Logan had not seen Gabriel for 30 days. The date of this complaint is currently unknown.

    Logan speaks to the Smiths for the first time.

    Tammi tells Logan to sign papers relinquishing his parental right so that Gabriel can be placed for adoption. She tells him if he cares about Gabriel and wants Elizabeth to bring him back, heíll sign the papers.

    Tammi tells Logan that if he signs the papers, Elizabeth will bring Gabriel back to the Smiths, and then Logan will know that Gabriel is safe.

    Logan refuses to sign any papers.

    December 19, 20, or 21

    Elizabeth answers a babysitterís ad on Craigslist, telling her she has an appointment in San Antonio on December 23, and hiring her to babysit on that date.

    Elizabeth wanted the babysitter to watch Gabriel at the babysitter's home, but the babysitter refused.

    During this timeframe, possibly a little later, the Smiths find Elizabeth's MySpace, and leave a message for her, and Elizabeth contacts them back, telling them she's in San Antonio.

    Monday, December 21, 2009

    The Smiths may have gone to pick up Gabriel, as planned with Elizabeth, after what they thought was to have been his visit with Logan, and found Elizabeth and Gabriel gone.

    Logan files a petition to enforce child custody determination. He states in the petition that "when Elizabeth gets mad, she can and will hurt the baby."

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    If Logans custody was Sunday to Wednesday, Why was he getting Gabriel on Friday Dec. 18.
    Was this a special Visit.

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    When did Tammi learn from EJ that Logan was going to his sisters home in Illinois that weekend?
    Im sure EJ would have called Tammi as soon as Logan told her that...but for Tammi 's story to fit it had to be after 12/22 and when EJ was in San Antonio

    12/19 Saturday or 12/21 Monday Tammi is trying to get Logan to sign adpotion papers?
    but EJ is Missing in action at this time and The Smith do not know where she is at...something is fishy about this....

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    I think as these specific things get updated, we're going to some of them shift a few days later.

    As I developed these, where a firm date wasn't known, I tried to note where the earliest and latest date was that something could have occurred.

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    EJ was in SA on 12/21
    100 years from now, it won't matter what kind of car you drove or how big your house was. What will matter is that you were important in the eyes of a child.

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