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    man lost in North Sea saved by woman who spotted his camera flashing..350 miles away

    A German man owes his life to a woman who rescued him from 350 miles away – thanks to his camera.

    The man lost on a frozen stretch of the North Sea was facing almost certain death when he flashed his camera in the hope that someone might be out watching the same beautiful sunset he had set out to witness.

    Luckily the camera flash off the coast of St. Peter-Ording near the Danish border was witnessed by a female nature lover sitting in front of her computer in the Westerwald region near the Rhine hundreds of miles away in southern Germany.


    I like it
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    That is a great story! She sure was smart to know that those flashes were important.

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    I thought so too she trusted her instinct, I thought if it was me I might not have realised what was happening!

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    What an incredible story.

    Also, I am adopting the phrase "boundlessly naive." It sounds so much nicer than "dumber than a box of rocks."

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