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Thread: NY - 8 year old dead, Socialite mother suspected Manhatten NY

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    Gigi Jordan says she saved her autistic son from a life of sexual torture by his father....

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    Yikes. First of all, she DID kill her son. So she can say all she wants 'but I tried to kill myself', she still killed her son. This lady is either mentally ill and in some sort of paranoid delusion, or she's telling the truth. The article states she went to police. Did she ever take her son to be physically examined? Could there be a way to tell if his father were abusing him? So so so sad either way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angels_Not_Forgotten View Post
    Yikes. First of all, she DID kill her son. So she can say all she wants 'but I tried to kill myself', she still killed her son. This lady is either mentally ill and in some sort of paranoid delusion, or she's telling the truth. The article states she went to police. Did she ever take her son to be physically examined? Could there be a way to tell if his father were abusing him? So so so sad either way.

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    Really bizarre. The fact that she was diagnosed with MBP makes me lean toward the paranoid delusion theory but at the same time ... something is making me wonder if she couldn't be, at least partially, telling the truth.
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    Killing a child to save him from abuse? I don't believe that one for a second.
    Just my opinion

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    I don't know enough about this case to offer much of an opinion but from what I know of maternal filicide:

    The most common motive for maternal filicide is altruism under Resnick's spectrum. Though the link between suicide and filicide is high a 'let down' period occurring in both altruistic and acutely psychotic filicides sometimes prevents the parent from completing the suicide. In an acutely psychotic filicide we often see a confession almost immediately and a very high history of past psychiatric hospitalization. (Think Schlosser and Yates.) In non-psychotic filicides, according to one study, approximately half of the murderers are afflicted with a personality disorder.

    Resnick defines five types of filicide. In “altruistic” filicide a parent—almost always a mother in this category—kills her child or children as an extension of a suicide attempt. “These mothers see their children as an extension of themselves,” he said. “They do not want to leave a child motherless in a ‘cruel’ world as seen through their depressed eyes.”

    In a second type of altruistic filicide a child is killed to end his or her real or imagined suffering. “These mothers may project their own unacceptable symptoms onto the child,” he said.
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    How awful!!!! Lock her up and throw that key away!!! This case has taken some weird turns, for sure.
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    "Millionaire accused of murdering autistic son seeks freedom during oft delayed trial"

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    When police officers broke down the door at the Peninsula Hotel in 2010, the evidence of what had happened inside Room 1603 seemed fairly clear. Gigi Jordan, a multimillionaire pharmaceutical executive, was on the floor, disoriented and babbling. Her 8-year-old son lay on a nearby bed — stiff, cold, still. There were scores of pills and bottles of alcohol scattered about.

    “I want a lawyer,” she muttered to the first officers who asked her what she had taken, according to prosecutors. To another officer, she said she wanted to die.

    Four and a half years later, Ms. Jordan, 54, will go on trial for murder in State Supreme Court in Manhattan. Opening arguments in the trial, which is expected to last two months, are to begin Wednesday.

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    Socialite Gigi Jordan murdered her autistic son to avoid dealing with his developmental disorder, prosecutors said at the start of her trial on Wednesday, but the defense said it was a mercy killing to protect the boy from being raped by his father...

    Jordan's defense team, which also includes such high profile lawyers as Ron Kuby, a bombastic civil rights attorney and radio-show host, and Alan Dershowitz, the prominent Harvard University law professor, has filed legal papers saying she acted out of "altruistic filicide."

    In his opening argument, Brenner focused on Jordan's state of mind, telling the jury she was emotionally disturbed by the actions of Tzekov and threatens made by her first husband, Raymond Mirra Jr., a Philadelphia businessman who she said vowed to have her killed or institutionalized.

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    Wealthy pharmaceutical exec Gigi Jordan left “fresh bruises” on her doomed 8-year-old autistic son after plunging a syringe filled with a deadly cocktail into the boy, prosecutors said Wednesday.

    Jordan’s deadly act was “chilling and horrifying scenario” in which the non-verbal child, Jude Michael Mirra, slipped into a slow death with gradual organ failure inside a posh Manhattan hotel room, Assistant District Attorney Matthew Bogdanos argued in his opening statement...

    Jordan even suspiciously handled her finances, Bogdanos said — going her laptop to transfer $125,000 from his trust fund to her account through her adviser — as the young boy died in the room with her.

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    What an incredibly tangled web.

    Mom is currently chewing up her 12th defense attorney; she's gone through 11 previously in the past year alone, with a nonstop stream of motions that presently fill 7 bankers' boxes at the courthouse. If the subject of this case weren't so terribly sad, it would be a jaw-dropping piece of theater - whether tragedy or comedy, I don't know.

    She is really something else. To this layperson, she seems to be totally off the rails, mental-health-wise, and probably was for years. She won't let them examine her, so they can't try to defend her on that basis. OTOH, if she was rearing her son with no assistance, that could've made her not only more exhausted but also more paranoid.

    What a weird, weird story. Whatever happens, there is no justice for that poor child whose life was so short, and who suffered so much.

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    But Mr. Bogdanos, in his opening statement, said Ms. Jordan’s actions just before the her son’s death seemed to be those of a “calm, businesslike” woman, not an emotionally distraught wreck.

    He said she had just returned from a four-day trip to Florida when she checked into the Peninsula Hotel at 8:30 p.m. on Feb. 3. She stopped on the way at a Chase bank on the Upper West Side, where she transferred $8 million to her checking account from her savings account, he said. That night she ordered Jude chicken fingers and carrots from room service.

    The next morning, Ms. Jordan told a maid not to clean the room. That night, at 7:15, she called for a page and gave her two certified letters to mail, with specific instructions to send them from a midtown post office. One was for Doctors Without Borders, the other for the Red Cross. Three hours later, she called the front desk to arrange to extend her stay a third day, Mr. Bogdanos said. She met a night manager in a hallway and calmly paid him $1,000 in cash to reserve the room for a third night. “At this point Jude is almost certainly dead,” Mr. Bogdanos said.

    When officers entered room 1603 on the 16th floor of the hotel, they found 5,819 pills, including more than 1000 Xanax tablets and more than 400 Ambien, Mr. Bogdanos said... A "pill crusher" and syringe, "the kind you use to force liquids down someone's throat," were inside the room, he said.

    Fresh bruises were on Jude's nose, chest and around his chin "where she held his jaw open," Mr. Bogdanos said, adding that he had likely been dead for 14 hours before police found him.

    "How long did this take? Don't think minutes. Think hours," Mr. Bogdanos said.

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    "I want a lawyer". That's what she states when she is found, supposedly babbling and having tried to kill herself, lying next to her dead son: "I want a lawyer".

    Crazy? Like a fox.

    Quote Originally Posted by Missizzy View Post
    Thanks so much to the mods for merging these. I only started the thread as it was breaking news. At the time, there was very little info. This is terribly strange. I don't know what to believe. However, I am bothered by this comment of Mr. Tzekov's:

    "Tantra believes in the inherent goodness of everything. Everything is holy, nothing is unholy and nothing is evil.For tantra there is no devil, only devine" (sp).

    Mr. Tzekov, that's not exactly what I've learned about tantra. And I can most assuredly state that you are incorrect in that "nothing is evil". We can debate the presence of the devil until the cows come home, but there is certainly evil. Everyone of us here on WS, can take an oath testifying to that FACT.

    I'm very hopeful that this woman's claims concerning child abuse and pornography will not be set aside if she is found to be delusional. She could be right about this which could have caused her to become mentally ill. I just want a full investigation.

    And rest, little Jude.
    I think it is grossly unfair to accuse the father of anything. There is zero evidence that he ever harmed the child:
    Flint, suspicious of Jordan's stories (among other things, she claimed that Jude, who was autistic and communicated by pointing, was typing the details of the sex abuse into a computer), showed her letters to local police, who took mother and child into custody. When no signs of physical abuse were found on the boy, he and his mother were released and left the state.
    And remember, "Flint", who had suspicions about the mother, is an expert on child sexual abuse. How are we giving any credence to this murderer's accusations at this point? Based on a Myspace page?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lyn1001 View Post
    From what I'm gathering, he had Autism, but mom made up more stuff. Maybe she liked the attention she got from having an Autistic child, and made up more stuff from there. I don't know.
    Many parents with MSBP kill their children for attention - either accidentally as they are trying to get attention from a child in distress, or because they enjoy the attention from the death itself - and many also make suicide gestures, or try to overdose, or harm themselves, to get attention, and many also make false claims of abuse repeatedly. Sexual assault/false rape claims are typical.

    Sounds like this woman and what she did to her son were part of an overall bid for attention.

    Quote Originally Posted by Belinda View Post
    This just has not struck me as classic Munchausen. There is no evidence that she caused illness in the boy. What I see is she was plagued with severe paranoia which made her think something was wrong with the boy. Munchausen, to my knowledge, always entails the mother actually making the child sick. I just don't see that here. I see clear paranoia of being afraid that people were doing things to her son and she couldn't protect him.
    Well, have you considered that the psychiatric professionals, the actual doctor(s) who issued a formal diagnosis of this woman, likely have, not only way more expertise than the rest of us when it comes to what psych issues this woman may have, but also likely way more information than we can ever hope to have about this woman, her condition, her behavior, her history?

    This woman brutally murdered her small, helpless son. She likely did it for attention, considering the diagnosis, as well as her call to alert a family member before she did it (she would be "rescued", of course, due to that call). Her behavior (transferring money from her son's account to her own as he lay dying, and demanding a lawyer the moment she is found next to her dead child), show that although she may have a mental health diagnosis (MSBP), she's not crazy at all. She fully knew what she was doing as well as the legal ramifications.

    I am surprised to see a lot of gymnastics being done in what seems an attempt to excuse this woman's actions:

    1. She an overwhelmed mother of a disabled child.
    2. Her ex was raping and molesting the kid so it drove her crazy.
    3. She didn't do this for attention. She did it because she suffers from serious mental health issues (delusions) that she (I feel it is being inferred a bit) couldn't control.

    It's not surprising to me that she won't allow herself to be evaluated for mental health issues. She knows she wont' be found insane. She's hoping the jury will just nullify what she did based on her accusations. I don;t see how that's possible. It is no defense. But from what I'm seeing here, I actually think she has a chance at the impossible.

    I don't think that's right. It's not justice for Jude.
    For Travis Alexander, a human being.

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    Millionaire mom sent e-mails as son lay dying nearby: prosecutors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blondie in Spokane View Post
    Millionaire mom sent e-mails as son lay dying nearby: prosecutors
    How sad for this sweet boy.

    And over 5,800 pills were found in the room!? Who even has that many at one time!?!? If you have a script for meds, you're normally given no more than three months at a time... I wonder how many were legit prescriptions.

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    Multimillionaire former drug company exec tearfully admits to killing her autistic eight-year-old son but denies forcing cocktail of pills down his throat in high-end Manhattan hotel suite

    Read more:

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    A millionaire pharmaceuticals entrepreneur, living in fear and convinced a mutual death with her developmentally disabled 8-year-old son was the only solution, deliberately gave him a lethal dose of prescription drugs and exchanged goodbyes but later tried to revive him, she told jurors on Thursday.

    On hearing the boy, Jude Mirra, struggling to breathe, "my heart started pounding," Gigi Jordan testified at her murder trial.

    "I raced over to him. I was crying and sobbing," she said. "I was crying and calling, 'Jude! Jude! Jude!' And then I started to attempt CPR."

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    "The nonverbal, often tormented-seeming Jude was initially deemed autistic but later was diagnosed with immune-system abnormalities, post-traumatic stress disorder and other problems, according to Jordan."

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    Now she's claiming that it was the child's idea for her to kill him! Supposedly he told her via facilitated communication to do it.

    " 'Let's just get out while we can,' she claims Jude wrote on January 26, 2010, days before his body was found in the Peninsula Hotel. 'We r going to die anyway let's do it ourselves instead of them.

    'We need to leave in a way we want to, not their way. Get the pills and try to do it.'

    She claims he wrote other messages claiming it wouldn't be murder and urged her to use 'a lot of drugs' so he would die peacefully".


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    " “Your 6¹/₂-year-old child — the first night he ever typed — typed out the words, ‘I want to aggressively punish God’?” Bogdanos asked incredulously.
    The jurors rolled their eyes as she replied, “Yes,” in a business-like tone."

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    Even before the jury had finished its first day of deliberations on Wednesday, a woman on trial in Manhattan for poisoning her disabled son was vowing to appeal the verdict while her lawyers moved for a mistrial...

    The jury of seven men and five women started deliberating at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, and continued until 4:30 p.m., when the judge dismissed them for the night. They will resume deliberations on Thursday morning...

    Minutes after starting deliberations, jurors asked that most of the evidence presented during the two-month trial be sent to them. Later they requested transcripts of testimony about telephone calls between Ms. Jordan and Mr. Mirra.

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    Dr. Phil just interviewed her. What a horrible case. Even worse, she stated she would do it again, and make sure she took her own life. That poor baby never had a chance.

    The Cherokee people were by no means frontier savages. By the 1830s they developed their own written language, printed newspapers and elected leaders to representative government.

    All opinions posted by me, are mine, and in no way , are they to be interpreted as FACT, unless I provide a LINK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tulessa View Post
    Dr. Phil just interviewed her. What a horrible case. Even worse, she stated she would do it again, and make sure she took her own life. That poor baby never had a chance.
    My local news showed this was going to be on today. In fact it is airing right now and I just could not turn it on, just from what little I saw earlier today.
    I'm with you, this child never had a chance.

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    Despite that Jude was nonverbal, Jordan testified that the boy learned to communicate with her by typing on a laptop computer and BlackBerry. That was how, she said, he told her about abuse he endured with bizarre satanic elements – from being forced to drink blood and kill animals to being zapped with electricity.
    The boy also typed a message saying he wanted to die, testified Jordan, a millionaire and socialite.
    Bogdanos argued that for jurors to accept Jordan’s defense they would have to believe that Jude, at age 6, began typing comments such as “I want to aggressively punish God” while describing the alleged sexual abuse
    This woman has said her losing her mobile phone was proof her first husband wanted her dead, she has accused him and his wife of abusing her son but didn't remove his name from the list of emergency names at his school. She has also accused husband number two a grandfather, uncle and two babysitters. This is not a woman driven to kill she talked about killing him if treatment didn't cure him
    The longtime pal of a pharmaceutical exec on trial for killing her own son testified Wednesday that the troubled millionaire had talked openly about her desire to end the severely autistic boy’s life — just three years before she force fed him a fatal dose of prescription drugs.
    Rita Cristman had an ominous phone conversation with killer mom Gigi Jordan in 2006, she told Manhattan jurors.
    “She said that if the procedure didn’t work, she was going to end it,” Cristman testified, referring to a stem cell transplant Jordan’s son Jude Mirra was about to undergo in Chicago in a bizarre effort to cure his autism symptoms.
    “She said, ‘I’m going to give myself an overdose’ and I said, ‘What about Jude?’ and she said, ‘I’m going to take him with me and give him an overdose, too. I can’t leave him behind. No one would ever be there for him.’”
    In another phone conversation, Jordan made a disturbing admission to her ex friend.
    “Gigi said to me, ‘You know parents of autistic children that die are better off than those that live,’” Cristman recounted.
    “ ‘I said, ‘Why?’ and she said, ‘Well one morning you wake up and the child is gone. It’s like they’ve been kidnapped and when your child is kidnapped you’re forever looking for them and wondering where they are and you can’t mourn.”
    Modal Trigger
    Jude Mirra
    Photo: Gregory P. Mango
    The former best friends had a falling out when Jordan began blaming Cristman for her troubles with Jude, she said.
    “We had been arguing a lot,” she said of the last phone conversation she remembered having with Jordan in late 2006.
    “I said, ‘Why are you angry?’ She said, ‘Because it’s all your fault, you told me to have Jude and I’ve never been more miserable in my life!’”
    Cristman said she didn’t report Jordan’s bizarre ranting because she didn’t believe she meant it.
    “I didn’t take her seriously at the moment. She was a very dramatic person,” the witness said. “She got angry easily she was emotional all the time. I never knew how she was going to behave.”
    Although Cristman said Jordan was erratic, she said she was often very caring and generous.
    Jordan had taken her friend on at least five vacations, paid off her credit card debt and even set up trusts for her children. She is godmother to Cristman’s daughter.
    Jordan has argued that she poisoned her son at the Peninsula Hotel because she feared her ex-husband was planning to kill her.
    Jude would then be handed over to his biological father, Emil Tzekov, who she believed had physically and sexually abused him, she said.
    But prosecutors have countered that Jordan killed her son after years of experimental treatments had failed to cure his autism.
    Jordan was discovered semi-conscious on the floor of her room within arms length of her 8-year-old’s corpse amid thousands of pills and an empty bottle of Grey Goose February 5, 2010.

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    I wonder if this could be a case of Munchausen's by proxy? I presume that psychosis (delusions) has been ruled out? What we need to know is - did she truly believe that these things happened, or not?

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