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    MI - Brenda, 72, & Laura Vanniekerk, 3, murdered, Marshall, 1 May 2009

    This happened in the Spring of '09. I've been following it locally off and on since it happened. I found something in the news about it today and didn't find a thread for it anywhere here on WS. It's very sad. At first, when the bodies were discovered, I was under the impression that Mr. Vanniekerk killed both his mother and his daughter. It's probably just a defense strategy but now he's claiming his mother committed suicide and is the one that gave the child the "cocktail" that killed her. IMO, he is responsible for both of their deaths and is just a coward trying to get away with it. Just like he was a coward when he tried to kill himself, unsuccessfully. Not to mention, Grandma, apparently, showed signs of being 'smothered'...

    He may have "confessed" about his plot, but only because he had to. He certainly isn't taking any responsibility for his actions, IMO. Still trying to make the mother feel like it's her fault when it CLEARLY isn't. Stupid, selfish murderer!

    There are a few other articles out there about this case, but this is the most recent one:

    Vanniekerk admitted plot to kill, commit suicide

    A Fort Wayne, Ind., man told Marshall police he decided to commit suicide and take his mother and daughter with him because he was depressed about his marriage.

    Johan Vanniekerk, 41, is charged with open murder for allegedly poisoning to death both his daughter, Laura Vanniekerk, 3, and mother, Brenda Vanniekerk, 72, in a Marshall motel on May 1.

    Two days later, Sgt. Tim Bryant said Vanniekerk in an interview told him he drove to Marshall with his mother and daughter and decided to kill the little girl while he and his mother committed suicide because he believed his wife was having an affair, his income had dropped and he suffered from mental illness.

    Bryant told Calhoun County District Judge John Holmes on Friday that Vanniekerk said he decided to kill his daughter "to spite his wife for ruining his life."

    "They were going to Frankenmuth and he was going to commit his act of suicide and his mother was going to go with him," Bryant recalled Vanniekerk saying in the interview. "He decided to pull off the road in Marshall because he was afraid the police would find him. Then he started putting his plan in place."

    Vanniekerk told Bryant that he crushed several pills of medication, including the prescription depressant lorazepam, and put it into a drink.

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    he thinks his wife is having an affair so he kills his mom and his daughter.
    ok i'll let you know when that starts making sense.

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    From September 2010:


    Johan Vanniekerk was sentenced Thursday after pleading guilty in August to murdering his 3-year-old daughter, Laura, and helping his 71-year-old mother, Brenda, commit suicide on May 1.

    The 42-year-old will spend his life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder.

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