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    WA - Mackenzie Cowell, 17, Wenatchee, 9 Feb 2010 - #1

    Deputies search Pitcher Canyon area for missing girl

    A helicopter for the Chelan County Sheriff’s Department was being used this morning to search for a 17-year-old girl missing since Tuesday night.

    Sheriff’s department spokesman Jerry Moore said investigators launched the helicopter search for Makenzie Cowell of Orondo over an area surrounding Pitcher Canyon. The air search followed unsuccessful search efforts Tuesday night by deputies on foot with a sheriff’s department tracking dog.

    Residents in the canyon found Cowell’s car parked in their driveway around 10 p.m. Tuesday. They reported spotting women’s clothing and a purse inside the car. Sheriff’s deputies tracked the car’s registration to Cowell’s parents, who said the 17-year-old was past curfew for the night.

    More: http://www.wenatcheeworld.com/news/2...a-for-missing/
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    Local law enforcement officials are asking for the public's help in finding a missing teenager

    Jerry Moore, Chief of Administration with the Chelan County Sheriff's office says 17 year old MacKenzie Cowell's car was located last night in the 23 hundred block of Pitcher Canyon Road. Moore says deputies searched the area on foot and with the aid of a tracking dog and were unable to locate any signs of the Orondo teen. Family members tell deputies that missing curfew is out of character for the teen. The Sheriff's office has set up a tip line and is asking for the public's help.


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    Chelan deputies look for missing 17-year-old girl

    Chelan County sheriff's deputies are looking for a 17-year-old girl who disappeared after leaving a beauty school class Tuesday afternoon in Wenatchee.


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    “On the surface, she is a pretty good girl. She goes to high school, she goes to beauty school and, in between, she is at Gold’s Gym, working out.”
    Cowell is a student at Wenatchee High School and attends the Academy of Hair Design. Hanah Rasmussen called The Wenatchee World on Wednesday night and said she is on the dance team at the high school with Cowell.

    “She has a few best friends and she would have told one of us if she was going anywhere,” Rasmussen said.

    “She is such a happy person and she is really smart, Rasmussen said, “so she would know how to take care of herself.”


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    Found Mackenzie's MySpace. Won't post it because she's a minor. But her last login was the day she disappeared, Tuesday the 9th. Her mood is "happy/sore". And in the place where your name usually goes, she has "M + J". She also claims to be 19.

    She also has a Facebook account, which appears to have a senior photo posted. Beautiful girl.
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    Strange story. Her car is parked in some neighborhood, approx. 50 miles from her home and the people who own the house don't know her?

    Prayers she is found soon!


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    It kinda sounds like she gave someone a ride home? and then what? Was someone following them? Had her pull into the driveway and then snatched her and put her in the car following?

    Why would you park your car in a strange driveway and then disappear? I wonder if the people who live in the house have any kids/teens that Mackenzie could have met and befriended?

    I hope they are searching the house and garage and any outbuildings just to be on the safe side. Wonder if there are any neighbors?


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    Looking thru her fb friends list I found her Aunt and she said she was at beauty school and met someone outside. I hope they've talked to that person. Could it have been someone asking for a ride home?? Whoever ditched the car probably lives somewhere close. Hopefully fingerprints in the car will match someone.

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    According to some articles, the area where Mackenzie's car was found is about 50 miles away from her home. According to Google and Bing maps, it is only about 22 miles.

    Mackenzie lives in Orondo, Washington. Orondo is about 17 miles north of Wenatchee. The map on Google shows that 2300 Pitcher Canyon Road is about 6 miles further southwest of Wenatchee.

    I agree that having the car parked in a driveway is very, very odd. Did the family not see someone driving into their driveway? At night, in a remote area, I'd think you'd notice a car. Unless they didn't get home until 10, and that's when they noticed the car?

    Regarding neighbors...this road appears to be very rural. There are very few houses, and they are spaced. (Although the most houses seem to be in the area where her car was found.)

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    Here are some maps of the area where Mackenzie's car was found.

    The first is just the general area. Point A is where her car was found. Point B is Orondo, where she lives. Wenatchee is where she had class.

    The second is soomed in a bit on the road where her car was found. Pretty remote area.

    The last is zoomed in to show the exact location that Google brings up from the address we were given. Looks like there are a few homes / buildings in that general area.
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    Detectives found Cowell's purse and clothes inside her car, but her debit card was missing.

    Cowell is 5-foot-8 and weighs 130 pounds. She has brown hair with red highlights and brown eyes. She also wears braces.


    Praying that Mackenzie is found safe and unharmed.

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    FBI asked to join search for Wenatchee-area girl

    The Chelan County sheriff's office has asked the FBI to help search for a 17-year-old girl last seen Tuesday afternoon leaving a beauty school class in Wenatchee.

    The car driven by Mackenzie Cowell was found that night near Mission Ridge, about 40 miles from her home in Orondo.

    A sheriff's spokesman told KXLY her purse and some clothes were found in the car, but her debit card is missing.


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    FBI helping with search for missing teen


    FBI agents and Chelan County detectives have searched the steep terrain where her car was found with the help of bloodhounds several times, but they have not found any clues. The state crime lab searched the car and found nothing out of the ordinary.

    Cowell has been listed as an endangered missing person as the criteria surrounding her disappearance does not meet Amber Alert standards, officials said. An FBI profiler is en route from Washington, D.C. to aid in the case.

    "It's unusual for the caliber of this kid," said sheriff's spokesman Jerry Moore. "From what we're getting from Mackenzie's past, she's not a troubled kid. She's a good student. She's a smart kid. She's involved in a lot of community functions."


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    Authorities still looking for lost teen

    Authorities are still baffled over the sudden disappearance of 17-year-old Mackenzie Cowell, whose locked car was reported abandoned in Pitcher Canyon, with a single set of footprints outside it.

    “It appeared somebody parked the car, locked it up and walked away,” said Jerry Moore, Chelan County Sheriff’s Office chief of administration, this morning.

    Residents found Cowell’s 1997 Pontiac parked near a driveway at about 10 p.m. Tuesday and reported it to authorities.

    Friends have organized a candlelight vigil tonight to pray for her safe return.


    Since Tuesday night, deputies, with help from several other local law-enforcement agencies, walked the 1.5-mile dead-end road and searched the brush and draws, stopping at about 40 houses along the way to ask residents if they’d seen or heard anything, he said.


    A search of computers that Cowell used at both her mother’s house and her father’s house also turned up nothing suspicious, Moore said.

    More: http://www.wenatcheeworld.com/news/2...t-teen-but-so/

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