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    CA - Amariana Crenshaw, 4, Sacramento, 11 January 2008

    The child (age 4) was killed after a molotav cocktail was thrown through the window where she was sleeping. Forensic pathologists are saying she was dead before the fire broke out from the bomb. What really happened to Amariana?

    Amariana's case was going cold until a reporter from a local paper started investigating and found some questionable info.

    Check out the following links:

    A 3 part series by the Sacramento Bee:
    Four hours before sunrise on a foggy Sacramento night, a woman's wail pierced the silence of a suburban street. Flames crackled to life. Neighbors awakened, and some rushed outside. Others watched from their windows.

    "My baby, my baby," the woman howled in the darkness.


    Documenting the life and death of Amariana Crenshaw: the SacBee's Interactive Case Files:

    AMW also has some info about the case:

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    What a mess this case is! If the first part is this bad, it doesn't seem the next parts in the series will be much better.

    And poor little Amariana caught in the middle of it.

    I hope the article shakes some things up so they get some answers to what happened to her.
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    But if that drop was not in the ocean,
    I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
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    I am wondering what the foster mother's motive would be? It sounds like this little girl didn't stand a chance in life. RIP Amariana.

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    Bumping for Amariana...

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    Quote Originally Posted by annemc2 View Post
    Bumping for Amariana...
    There's no words.

    Poor baby. From the get go. Thank you for caring about her anne. Such a beautiful name too. Amariana.

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    From May 2010:


    The Sacramento foster mother who was caring for 4-year-old Amariana Crenshaw when she died in a mysterious 2008 fire has been banned for life from providing foster care in California.

    In a settlement reached this week between Tracy Dossman, 42, and the state, Dossman admits no "guilt or culpability" but has agreed to stop working with vulnerable children and adults...

    A Bee investigation into the girl's death revealed layers of missed opportunities and signs of trouble in the Dossman home, where Amariana suffered at least 17 injuries in less than two years. When the girl died, Dossman, a single mother, was caring for nine children six foster kids and three of her own children, including a teenage nephew.
    And a year later:


    The Sacramento foster mom who has been the focus of multiple criminal, civil and child-welfare investigations has veered into another legal arena: bankruptcy court...

    Ironically, Dossman's largest source of income since losing her licenses appears to be from her adoption after the fire of Amariana's older sister, now 11. In 2010, Dossman received $11,712 in adoption assistance and $3,882 in unemployment benefits, according to the bankruptcy petition...

    As a foster provider willing to take in children with special needs, Dossman stood to earn between $562 and $711 a month per child, depending on age.

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    Wow. Thanks so much for the update OG!

    Those poor kids.

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