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    Snow in all 50 states? New storm could make that true.

    Atlanta – Three hundred plow trucks are lined up to combat an afternoon rush-hour snowstorm in Georgia, including traffic-congested Atlanta. In Mobile, Ala., kids are poised for a rare snowball fight. And fat flakes are already falling in Blountstown, Fla.

    This has been one of the most bizarre winters of the new century, with storm after storm slamming the East Coast in particular. And now, a storm that dropped a foot of snow Thursday on Dallas – Dallas! – could help bring about the presence of snow in all 50 states.

    That’s if the storm delivers a few inches, as expected, in parts of north Florida. If that indeed happens, meteorologists at AccuWeather and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) say they expect some coverage in all 50 states.

    (In case you’re wondering, some of the tallest peaks in Hawaii have snow sprinkled on them.)

    “By the time the storm ends, we may be looking at a truly historic snow cover map to open up the weekend,” AccuWeather.com’s Joe Lundberg writes.

    This winter’s white legacy has inspired at least one meteorological project.
    "On Friday afternoon, I'm going to begin asking for photos of the snow," Patrick Marsh, a student employee at NOAA’s National Severe Storm Laboratory in Norman, Okla., told Oklahoma’s News 9 channel. "Hopefully I'll get photos from all 50 states, and if I do, I'll put them into a Google Earth map and make a snow snapshot of America."

    (Wanna help Mr. Marsh? Send pics to snow@forwarn.org.)

    Much more at link, including frozen iguanas falling from trees:


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    Though the article says that Hawaii's highest peaks have snow on them: Mauna Kea nor Mauna Loa have yet to get their usual winter snow caps.

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    I love it, I love it, I love it..just please let my electricity stay on if we get more snow here in East TX.

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    Global Warming has been put on hold temporarily due to winter.
    It's almost been a year since we did our last show.Jay Bush my partner has been auditioning for the show Shark Tank and so this has put the show on hold. If he gets on Shark Tank, we will be terribly delayed. Good luck Jay. Either way we will one day continue the show and have the coolest global independent radio station out there. This is just a small video we did with one of our artists.Waiting for One and their tune 35 years. Check it out.
    We hope to be doing a radio show with all our artists real soon. Hope you can join in the fun. Please bare with us while we improve the show especially the sound.
    Laserdog Enterprises would like to bring you our version of a Tribute to the Angels of Newtown. Another school shooting in Georgia thankfully no children were hurt.

    Please take a few moments and visit the missing children site. We really need you.
    Click on the link to find a missing child,teen or adult.


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    I live on a lake in Holiday Fl. A few weeks back when it got below freezing (like in the 20's - yet, the 20's in Florida) we had literally THOUSANDS of dead fish in the lake - most of them were huge plecostomus (at first I thought they were catfish). Plecostomus's are those algae eaters that alot of people have in their aquariums - how they got into this lake I have no idea, but they were floating all over the place! Someone probably dumped a few in the lake at one point and there ya go.... I'm kinda glad it did freeze to get rid of them.... creepy thinking about them being all over the bottom of the lake. Anyway, no snow here, but I am so sick of this cold weather. If I complain once this summer about it being too hot, would someone please SLAP THE CRAP OUTTA ME!

    So often times it happens that we live our life in chains, and we never even know we have the key. ...Eagles, "Already Gone"

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    I'm with poco on this one. Complain all winter (actually from the first cold weather regardless of the calendar date). Seldom, if ever, does anyone hear me complain it's too hot. So why am I living in OHIO?

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