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    Nancy Grace - Friday - Feb 12, 2010

    Discuss the NG show here.

    Complaints about the way NG runs her show goes in the Parking Lot.

    Do not make fun of the players.
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    Video of misty being defiant talking to her mother
    Video of Ron phone call wondering if Crystal or Misty had anything to do with it.
    Art harris quick chat about how much they are talking

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    More video

    Misty and her dad
    Slamming nancy grace
    eating chicken nuggets
    bleep bleep bleep....
    dad says shhhhh
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    They are discussing NG on the tapes. (Hank Sr. and Misty). They need to take it to the Parking Lot.

    Hank Sr. and Misty are on time out.

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    they're dissing NG now - hardcore trash-talking -- Yowza!
    What we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
    But if that drop was not in the ocean,
    I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
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    Dad says no one in our family is cold hearted enough to do something like this
    Misty- I know dad

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    Misty sure has one foul, ugly talking mouth on her.

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    This is funny. Hank: "Nancy Grace is a retard."

    Always give generously of yourself to support your beliefs. And when you're knocked down, give more.

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    Art Harris says Misty is trying to say undercover solicited the drugs from her

    More vid

    Tommy and Timmy- timmy telling Tommy how bad they are treating Misty, Tommy gets out 3 hours a day, Misty not even an hour


    Earlier there was tape of Tommy telling Timmy that the cops told him that Misty ratted him out on Break and Enters, and he told them she is out of her mind.

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    Misty didn't think Nancy Grace would air her terrible comments about her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texas Mist View Post
    they're dissing NG now - hardcore trash-talking -- Yowza!
    Did yall hear what MC told NG to do,,,I sure would say wowser wowser MC sure is one of the nastiest talking females I have ever heard.....And I have heard plenty...I sure hope she spends a great deal of time in prison,,,dealing all those drugs,,,even though she may never tell where our precious child is located....

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    Wow! Misty and Tommy berating NG .... just goes to show the childish and nasty character. Misty gets into these head bobbing petulant defiant rants and she is quite scary. I would not want to cross her.... IMHO.
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    I am sorry, but I am glad that Misty and her father are dogging NG. It's about time...LOL. I was not planing on watching tonight and happen to switch the channel and got a glimpse of the jail visitation..all I can do is laugh...NG has to sit there and hear it.. OK, now I will go back and watch, missed the beginning. Had to get it off my chest.

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    BP meds anyone?

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    Misty saying Ron took her prescriptions. Oh right!

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