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    Women, more than men, choose true crime over other violent nonfiction

    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. When it comes to violent nonfiction, men are from Mars, the planet of war, but women are from Earth, the planet of serial killings and random murders.

    A new study found that, when given a choice of violent reading material, women overwhelmingly opted to read true stories about the death and dismemberment of victims much like themselves. Men, however, were more likely to choose nonfiction books about war or gang violence than those in the "true crime" genre.

    The study appears in Social Psychological and Personality Science.

    "We found that women were more likely than men to choose the true crime book versus the war or the gang violence book and also that they expected to enjoy it more," said Amanda Vicary, a graduate student who conducted the study with University of Illinois psychology professor R. Chris Fraley.

    The research began with an analysis of reviews posted on the Web site Amazon.com by readers of books in the true crime and war genres. Coding usernames for gender, the researchers found that women wrote 70 percent of the reviews of books about true crime, while men wrote 82 percent of the reviews of books on war. The gender of the author appeared to play no role in women's preference for true crime books.

    much more here

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    not sure exactly what the diffrence is.

    i like to read any kind of crime novel, fiction or non fiction, personally

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    I usually laugh at studies, but this one is true, at least personally. I am a true crime fanatic, but I also read about gang violence avidly as well. Still applies with the "victims like themselves" since I live in an urban area and have spent my share of time ducking stray bullets.

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    TM, thank you so much for this. Very interesting.

    Of course I'm a true crime fanatic. However, I don't read anything usually that's fiction. I want the real deal. I'm big on auto-biographies.

    Even after we divorced my ex who is a "intellectual" and an avid reader would still buy me true crime books as gifts. Now, why in the world would you give a woman you're not real fond of anymore a complete encyclopedia type on serial killers?

    Thanks again.

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    I would be lost without my true crime books!
    My hubby knows me too well...for valentine's day I got true crime books. Better than any candy and roses!

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    i too read a lot of true crime but am getting very picky about what i like
    some are very poorly written...and some are too unbiased.

    but i also read fiction...i am something of a writer and have started writing a novel about a missing person, so I do read fiction as well as non to keep up with things...have written books in the past but it has been about 8 years since i tried anything new...have had 5 deaths in my family since 03 and really, things went sideways for me since then, including my own health...
    sorry about the tangent

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    I too like true crime, my DH likes fiction. I complain that his movies are too violent, and (of course) he replies that my crime stories are much more gruesome and real. Not sure why there is a difference, he has always liked science fiction, while I prefer non fiction books. I have been accused of having a limited imagination, it may be true.

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    I tend to agree with this study and find most of them not to be true. I can't live without my true crime books....


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    It's that way in my house. My husband likes the war movies and I like true crime shows or movies plus read the books sometimes. We rarely watch TV together anymore, but that's okay.

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    Hmmm, I wonder if member stats at websleuths would support or debunk this theory?! Love true crime stories, hate war "novels".

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    Yes, I've always associated interest in "true crime" and watching Forensic Files-type shows, and posting on forums such as this, with women.

    It's not a coincidence they put Unsolved Mysteries on Lifetime, you know.

    I could be wrong, but I have a strong feeling that I'm one of the exceedingly few males in their early 20s posting on this site.

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    Hello all,
    I have to agree with this study. My first true crime reads were the old "True Detective" magazines with the pics of the women bound in some awful way. I had to buy them on the Q.T. or my mother would freak out! I then went on to reading a book about the Boston Strangler......read it all in one night while my husband worked nights and I kept a meat hook alongside the bed......the book was so scary.......and I was hooked.......I love the book written by Ann Rule, John Douglass and Robert Ressler. Ann Rule gives a lot of back ground on the victims as well as the perps and John D and Robert R give so much info into the why and how they were caught. Of all the things I learned in school the love of a good book is at the top of the list.

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