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View Poll Results: Has Misty told her parents the truth?

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  • Yes, she told both of them and they are covering it up

    7 4.09%
  • Yes, she told her dad

    2 1.17%
  • Yes, she told her mom

    6 3.51%
  • No, she didn't tell them or I'm not sure if she did or not?

    156 91.23%

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    Has Misty told her parents the truth?

    There hasn't been any evidence I've seen that she has told them the truth. I think back on the news interview with Lisa where she even says that Misty knows something she isn't telling.

    What do you all think?

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    I vote no. I don't know how much truth she actually knows, but no, she's not told all to them, IMHO.

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    I don't think Misty would know the truth if it bit her in the azz. Seriously, she's a compulsive liar, but I have hope that someone can work it out of her. I do think her parents have been kept in the dark. Maybe they're scared of the answers, so they just don't go there. But with Padilla involved, Misty has a monetary incentive to open up. & that family sure could use the money...so, my fingers are crossed.

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    I bounce back and fourth on whether or not i think Misty has told anyone the truth.

    I think LC knows that IF Misty is somewhat invovled with HaLeigh disappearing, then she didn't act alone. She doesn't think that Misty is capable of doing this by herself. IMO.
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    I voted no. Everyone has suspicions and theories but I think the only one who really know anything are Misty and Ron, with TN covering but maybe not knowing all.
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    I don't think she's told her parents. I think Misty is quite adept at the "poor little me" routine. But I do think her parents know that she knows much more than she has told them.

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    I voted no. I think if she would have told her parents they would have talked by now. LE is making their lives a living H**L !!!!
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    I don't think she told them anything. They may have overheard tidbits here and there and think she knows more than she's telling.

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    What does she gain by telling the truth?

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    I feel that only Ron and Misty know the real truth. Misty is so good at lying that she believes her own lies. JMO

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    She's probably alluded to the truth, but I am pretty sure there has been no confession.
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    I voted no, Her daddy wants the truth, I believe he would have told LE if she had, I really do
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    Nopee, I don't think she told them anything. I don't think she even knows where Haleigh is but I think she knows Haleigh is no longer with us.....and who took her away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PoppyH View Post
    I voted no, Her daddy wants the truth, I believe he would have told LE if she had, I really do
    I agree. IMO Hank is the one out of all of the Croslin/Cummings clan that has the best chance of turning his life around. In spite of his problems, I think that he is a basically honest person.

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    I feel so alone. I voted she told her Dad because of his comment in their first jail visit. 'You should have come forward'. I don't believe Misty laid a hand on HaLeigh. I do believe she knows who took the child and why however, and I believe her father knows part if not all of that story.

    Also the parents agreed to the shotgun wedding. That's always been strange to me.
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