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    OR - Ashland SO assists with film project about local rapes

    Talk about "in my own backyard". Try right down the street.


    Sex offender was involved in film project about Ashland assaults

    "A videographer who was involved in making a film about a string of sexual assault cases in Ashland this winter is himself a convicted sex offender.

    Mark Butterfield, 49, shot footage last month at a "Take Back the Night" rally in downtown Ashland and a gathering in an alley where a woman told police she was raped by a stranger.

    In 2004, Butterfield pleaded guilty to two counts of encouraging child sexual abuse, stemming from a collection of child pornography videos his then-wife had discovered in their Ashland home, according to court documents and police reports. Following his conviction later that year, he served 20 days in jail and two years of probation.

    Butterfield, who agreed to an interview Tuesday but offered limited comments, said his background "absolutely did not" have anything to do with his involvement in the film project.

    "I was just trying to do something good for my community," he said......"

    more at link
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    More info showing up:


    Page 1 is a letter from Butterfield volunteering to be on a high speed internet committee. An interesting comment:

    "My personal life and professional life has (sic) been enhanced by this incredible media access." [ETA high-speed internet]

    Scroll down to page 2 for Mark Butterfield's CV. This shows us that Butterfield has worked in many areas of film and theatre here in town (this is Ashland after all, with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival with 300,000 attendees each year and a vibrant Ashland Independent Film Festival) so most positions don't stand out. He does state that he coordinated special projects, filmed parades (as did our other local child porn celebrity, James Auchincloss!!), and filmed on-air talent appearances.

    However, I find it very disturbing that he lists himself as the Production Coordinator for the Lithia Springs School. This is a school for at risk young teens. Butterfield states that he produced videos and trained emotionally disturbed students and directed live cablecasts and field shoots. That worries me greatly.

    He states that he lives in Talent, 5 miles north of Ashland, but I note that he's lived at multiple rental homes in Ashland. He seems to move around a lot.

    Because I have first hand knowledge of this current project which was being produced, I also know that he "inserted" himself into it. He stated that he wanted to be involved as he had plans to submit his film to the Film Festival. I happen to know that that submission date has passed. I'm finding this very curious.

    An earlier article concerning his plan to help with the "Take Back the Night" project:

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    Bear with me, this is a little like Peyton Place in the bucolic Rogue Valley.

    Mark Butterfield also shows up as working for Rogue TV, our local access TV.


    "Mark Butterfield, Access Studio Manager & Instructor"

    This is of concern as Dennis Vickoren and Scott Clay also worked for Rogue TV and produced a show called "Wilde Life".


    "Southern Oregon University has stopped airing the Rogue Valley Community Television show "Wilde Life" because of the indictments of its producer and host.

    The weekly show about issues facing gay men was suspended by SOU Associate Provost Paul Steinle because of the indictments, and it will stay off the air until the charges are resolved in court, he said.

    Scott Clay, 55, the show's host, and Dennis Vickoren, 62, of Eagle Point, the show's producer, both have been indicted on charges relating to child pornography.

    Clay was fired in August from his job with the city of Jacksonville after child pornography allegedly was found on his workplace computer. He was indicted Aug. 25 on charges of first-degree encouraging child sexual abuse and second-degree encouraging child sexual abuse, both felonies.

    Vickoren was indicted Aug. 26 on 30 felony counts of encouraging child sexual abuse for allegedly disseminating, duplicating and possessing child pornography."

    Scott Clay was the City Planner for the nearby town of Jacksonville. Oddly enough, it was announced yesterday that the President of the City Council of Jacksonville is under investigation concerning his "improper contact" with a student. The man is also an elementary school teacher. This is actually in the "breaking news" section of one of our local papers:


    "A Howard Elementary School teacher on leave because of a complaint about “improper behavior” with students previously has faced a reprimand for a similar issue, according to the state agency that licenses teachers.

    The state's Teacher Standard and Practices Commission reprimanded Christopher Marc Gilman and placed him on probation for two years for “failing to maintain an appropriate professional student-teacher relationship” with girls in his fourth-grade class, state records show."

    James Vickoren is close friends with James Auchincloss and both have been indicted for possession of child porn:


    "Ashland resident James Auchincloss, half brother of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, was indicted Tuesday on 25 felony counts of encouraging child sexual abuse.

    A Jackson County grand jury indicted the 62-year-old for allegedly duplicating and possessing child pornography."

    Nice to see that James also stepped down from several boards and canceled his YMCA membership the week he was indicted.

    What a tangled web. Every one of these men live in a beautiful valley, hold pleasant jobs, cannot claim factors ie. poverty, criminal influence, etc. They have no excuse. People move to Ashland and Jacksonville to get away from crime. I know we did. And look what happened to our family. I don't get it.

    "Happens in the nicest places."

    "But they were such nice men."

    "Jamie always kept such a pretty garden."

    Makes me want to spit!!
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    Remember how we all shook our heads about why on earth Jorge Puello would claim center stage with the Baptist missionaries in Haiti when he was wanted by at least three countries? Well, I'd have to ask the same of Mr. Butterfield. Seems he is listed as absconded from Lane County (Eugene) Community Supervision. So, you come south to Ashland and get your name in lights?

    What is it about these guys who are sick and twisted and yet keep crawling out from under their rocks and screaming "Look at me, I'm helping my community"?

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    well i guess he's an expert huh

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    Just like Philip Garrido helping give tips to the woman putting out the flier preventing child abduction...
    This is the year to locate Mark Dribin http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...ht=Mark+Dribin NamUs MP#876 and Ilene Misheloff http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...lene+Misheloff NamUs MP#6410 and bring them home to their families!

    Parents watch your children. Free-range parenting leads to more child victims.

    Cruelty to humans begins with cruelty to animals.

    I believe in closure, not forgiveness. I'm also unapologetically judgemental.


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    thanks linas i almost went a whole 5 hours without having to see his name lol

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