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    Colorado Family, Nonprofit Group Battle Over Woman's Head

    A Colorado family and an Arizona nonprofit are fighting in court over who gets the head of a woman who died this month, along with a $50,000 annuity she left behind.

    At issue is whether 71-year-old Mary Robbins' head and brain will be preserved by cryonics extremely cold temperatures in the expectation that future technology may be able to bring her back to life and restore her health.

    Lawyers for both sides appeared in probate court Friday but the case hasn't been resolved.


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    Well they better hurry up...dead things tend to...um...rot quickly.

    Sounds like the cryo company doesn't have a case if she signed new paperwork. Now they just sound greedy.

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    Well, frankly it sounds to me like the company is just out to swindle money from people who are afraid to die. At this point, I don't think that a scheme such as "We'll preserve your head in dry ice in case science ever advances enough to bring you back to life, " has anything to do with science, it's just empty promises. There's some research on cloning of course but they don't need her brain for that, just her DNA. This preservation of the brain stuff sounds like they've told her they could some day make her a new body and transplant her old brain to the the new body, and IMO it's not science it's just some more Frankenstein fairytales. Is anyone even researching anything remotely like this? Would it be ethical if someone did?

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