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    CA - Anaheim man arrested for raping 12 yr. old girl he met on MySpace


    An Anaheim man has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old Santa Ana girl he met on MySpace.

    Anaheim police arrested Matthew Martinez Casteneda, 33, around midnight Friday, according to a police news release.

    The release states that a man arranged through an online conversation to meet the 12-year-old at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa on Wednesday. The man and girl took a bus to Anaheim and visited two parks, the release states. The man is accused of taking the girl to Zaby's Motor Lounge at Harbor Boulevard and Katella Avenue and raping her around 6 p.m. that day, the release states.

    After the man left, the girl flagged down an Anaheim Police civilian traffic controller and asked for a ride home, police said.
    The officer discovered that the girl was listed as missing by the Santa Ana Police Department, which turned the investigation over to Anaheim, police said.

    MySpace and Zaby's staff cooperated with the investigation, police said....."

    Much more at link--physical description (he would have been hard to miss)
    and an extensive rap sheet. Poor little girl. So glad she flagged down LE.

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    Another little girl who wanted to grow up too soon, and then was forced to grow up too fast by a stranger.

    Kudos to the traffic controller! It sounds like this little girl wasn't flagging down a police officer so much as just trying to hitch a ride home and happened to get picked up by someone associated with police. The traffic controller was a civilian.

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    My husband and I were just discussing this case and he brought up an interesting issue. As many of you know most of our children don't look like us. We are caucasian and many of our kids are black and Asian. He's frequently taken someone along on an overnight trip when he goes to the Bay Area or Portland. The kids used to fight over who would go as they'd know there'd be fast food and a whole queen size bed to themselves--plus hours alone to have Dad's undivided attention.

    My husband said he never once was questioned or looked at askance as he checked into a motel. I have no doubt, though, that he gives off "dad" vibes and our kids probably came across as just "his kids". That really got me to thinking. I know we have some double standards concerning transcultural adoption and parenting. We hardly notice white dads with black or Asian kids anymore but a recent news show highlighted the problems that black adoptive dads have with their white kids, especially daughters, while out in public. I would imagine this to be true of birth parents or step-parents of different races.

    And race isn't the only issue. Does a motel/hotel have any responsibility to ask for ID or proof that the adult (male or female) has permission to be traveling with a child? Just who is this child and should they be with this adult? Once my husband was prohibited from buying a bottle of wine at Safeway as our 17 year old Asian daughter was with him. He was really shocked but understood the safety issues. The manager caught up with him in the parking lot and handed him the bottle (gratis) as he knew our family and apologized. Really, there was no need as it is about safety. My husband could have been any 50 year old slimy guy planning on sharing that bottle with an underaged girl. The irony is that if that were the case, he probably would have known the law and left the girl in the car. My husband was oblivious to the law.

    I know that there are lots of new regulations about traveling outside the country with children--all because of custodial infractions. Yes, it's a pain but children are safer. Restaurants keep a close eye on how many wine glasses get served to a table when children are present.

    So, are there any simple safeguards which could be put in place to protect children such as this little 12 year old or even Shaniya Davis? How does a motel receptionist know which situation is innocent and which is ominous?

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    After Shaniya i suggested that we get a law requiring people to show proof of parentage when checking into a hotel with a minor. Extreme yes, but I think something needs to be done.

    Oh yeah, and people need to stop letting 12 year olds on Myspace. If they do it at home, stop it. if they do it from school, push for better supervision and blocking software. If they do it from a friends house, ground them. From the cell phone, take the phone. From the library, take the card or go with them. There is no excuse.

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    ITA, nmk!! I get so tired of parents whining that they can't control the cell phone or the computer. Would you let your 12 year old sneak off with the car or the bottle of gin? I hope not. Children do not need their parents to be their friends. They need them to be parents who are not afraid to set loving but firm boundaries.

    People are often so naive about what their kids can manage electronically. But just watch most 6 year olds with the remote for the TV!! Even very young kids and those with quite profound DD can put together a MS or FB page. They can learn to text faster than any of us. We, as a society, are putting some mighty powerful gadgets into the hands of children. Why are we surprised when 13 year olds take provocative photos and send them to all their friends? They are acting just like.....a 13 year old!!

    It's all about boundaries and communication. Kids are going to try a lot of risky stuff. What's important is how we respond to it.

    I do agree that it is harsh to ask for IDs at a motel but not unreasonable. If they can do it when you cross a border or even try to get someone's ears pierced, why not?

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