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    Canada - Violent Incurable Psychopath re-arrested 1 day after release from prison

    This guy is bad news... and last night he was in a motel about 20 minutes from my house near Toronto Airport

    A violent sex offender described as an ``incurable psychopath" was back behind bars early today and facing new charges just one day after his release.

    Martin Ferrier, 31, was released from Warkworth Institution in Campbellford after serving 28 months for threatening a family member.

    Peel Region police said they charged Ferrier with uttering a threat and for allegedly violating one of the 18 terms of his prison release. The (alleged) death threat is in relation to a member of the media."

    The 6-foot-5, 270-pound Ferrier, the son of a police officer, has more than 60 convictions, for crimes including rape, arson, forcible confinement and assault.

    Ferrier had steadfastly refused all sex-offender treatment while behind bars, Gagnon said.

    Parole documents show one prison doctor described Ferrier as an "incurable psychopath."

    Ferrier's mother, Judy Perry, said earlier that she fears he will kill if he's released.


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    scary cass!! there is no doubt in my mind LE were looking for any reason whatsoever to get this guy put back where he belongs...even jaywalking would have done the trick. they are not going to unleash this monster back into any community if they can prevent it. and good for them.

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    This is the guy that said he HOPES to become the most prolific serial killer Canada has ever known. Thank GOD they put him back. I wish the CROWN would have brought a dangerous offender petition for this creep. He wants to kill, torture and rape and has said so many times. What does it take? This is just a threat though, so could get a 6month sentence. Geessssssshhh

    Here's another link where he "whines" that the media has put out false stuff... booohoooohoooo
    I give him about as much sympathy as the rock in my backyard.

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    He's a big guy too...6' 5" and 270. Not someone I would ever want to meet in a dark alley..or a bright supermarket for that matter. Well, some large men are just gentle giants, but this guy is not one of them. And regarding his mother's comments that he'll kill if he's released, well, mom knows best. Keep him locked up!

    In my opinion of coarse, SKY

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