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    Thumbs down MN - Scott Fredin, registered sex offender, can be a chiropractor

    He faces restrictions but will not have to tell patients of his felonies.

    By LORA PABST, Star Tribune
    Last update: February 25, 2010 - 11:31 AM

    For the next four years, Dr. Scott Fredin can't buy pornography or use the Internet without a probation officer's approval. The police can drop by at any time to see if he has been drinking. As a registered sex offender, he must tell authorities every time he moves or gets a new job.

    One thing the 41-year-old chiropractor won't have to do, however, is tell his clients he spent two years in jail for sexually assaulting two patients.

    This month, more than six years after revoking Fredin's license for the felony convictions, the state Board of Chiropractic Examiners granted Fredin's request to get his license back. To protect Fredin's clients, the board said he cannot treat any female patients without someone else in the room. Fredin is working in Minneapolis, but he can't treat patients until regulators approve his new location.
    Under state law, many professionals -- including dentists, psychologists and nurses -- can't be barred from practicing after a criminal conviction as long as they can show licensing boards they were rehabilitated.

    Larry Spicer, executive director of the chiropractic board, said citizens often want regulators to take a firm stand when an "egregious case" occurs, but he said the board's hands are tied by law.
    Making it hard to reoffend

    In 2008, regulators temporarily revoked the license of another Minnesota chiropractor, Dr. Lonnie R. Haken, after he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two young female patients, one of whom was mentally disabled. His 12-year prison sentence was put on hold and he served less than a year in jail. Haken can reapply for his chiropractic license in 2013.

    Vernon Temple, president of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, said regulators are often stymied when they try to take stronger action against a practitioner. "The first inclination of a board is to never license these people again," Temple said. "But the legal system may be saying that's a little too punitive for someone who has gone through... rehabilitation."

    more here -- 3-page article


    (I think I'll have a late-nite cocktail now to settle my nerves after this.)
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    Well that's just great for the unsuspecting chiropractic patients in Minnesota. I guess Dr. Haken's right to pursue his chosen career path overrides his prospective patients right to be free from sexual assault while they seek medical care.

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    I hope the next patient who is abused (IMO there will be a next time) sues the board who is going to allow this.
    When, as a country, are we going to stand up and say enough is enough?
    No longer are our children and our women targets for the known preditors who are given free access to them.

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    Well there are some pieces falling into place for me now....for those of you who are familiar with the clergy sex abuse scandal, it is the same principal. The Church did not discharge these folks under the guise that they were rehabilitated. They just moved them around and made no mention of it.

    Time for the justice system to catch up to what the Catholic Church now knows quite well-rehabilitation is not sucessful with sex offenders. Add to this the mystique of the medical profession and you end up with a perfect storm....
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    I live in Minneapolis, however I have never had the need to visit a chiropractor. Guess I know who I won't be visiting if I ever find the need.

    I once visited a website that listed all the dentists and doctors in MN who had their licenses suspended and/or placed on restrictions after getting the license back, but I can't for the life of me find it.

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    "Well Doc my cocyx bone is sticking out again can you fix me?"

    Who cares if there's a female present? The intent in his sick a*s head will be the same. We can't wipe that out.

    There was a chiropractor in Philly who sexually assaulted female patients. I'll have to dig him up in the news archives.

    We live in Crazycountry sometimes I swear.

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    Maybe this should be in the spotlight forum? It sounds like the law needs to change!!!!!


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