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    OR - Some Oregon SOs live in the forest/adjacent to the school playground


    Homeless offenders find home in forest

    "COOS BAY — The woods behind Blossom Gulch Elementary School are a popular destination for nature lovers. There are trails to hike and animals to observe. The wooded hills also offer shelter for people who have nowhere else to live, including a registered sex offender.

    There are 401 registered sex offenders in Coos County, according to Vi Beaty, sex offender registry manager for Oregon State Police. Most live in apartments or houses, but “at least a handful” are homeless, said OSP Lt. Steve Smartt.

    “Technically, they have to give us a physical address,” he said, “but it doesn’t have to be an address number attached to it.”

    At least one man has told the OSP he lives back there.

    The Blossom Gulch forest is technically listed as Jeffery Hockett’s home. One mile past the gate off Elrod Avenue is the address the registered sex offender has given to State Police, smack in the middle of the forest above the school’s playground...."

    more at link

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    I have to say that with him stating he lives next to a school, this would put the Coos Bay PO and police office in complete liability if he harms a child that he sees at the school. This is ludicrous.

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    I'd be surprised if he's still there with this having run in the paper. My guess is that a group of parents have been doing some power-walking in the area.

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