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    LA - man kidnaps wife at gunpoint, New Orleans, 2010

    Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? I'm betting the wife of Eric Gros does.

    When this poor lady showed up at their home to retrieve her belongings her husband held her at gunpoint and forced her into his vehicle. Later LE found the vehicle, but neither were inside. At some point the couple got seperated and the wife called LE. She was badly beaten and abused.

    Inadvertently maybe he's today's reoffending sex offender because someone commented on the link that he's a lifetime Registered Sex Offender. That's just great.

    More interesting is this guy's Myspace. On February 20th he posted he was having fun with his kids and living life without drama. DRAMA? Kidnapping your wife at gunpoint is pretty dramatic if you ask me. I ask again "Why inthehell do these guy's have Myspaces and Facebooks?" Nice photo of the kidnapper/rapist floating along in a tube all relaxed. I'm glad at least his wife lived to be able to tell what happened to her.


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    Filly, you bring up a point I have often wondered myself.

    I've always thought RSOs were not supposed to have social networking pages. But, in a lot of cases, we see they do.
    I wonder if that is a law? And if so, are these sites checked often to see if the RSOs are on them?

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    JMO but I don't think these RSO's are kept off the 'net. Maybe some - if their crime was done using or through the net but I don't know.

    I see the problem with there are so many RSO's now - it would take an army to just keep checking and checking every day. Plus you can get on facebook or myspace without using your real name.

    This is a "snowball problem" it just keeps multiplying on itself - pretty soon the RSO's will out-number us - then what will we do?

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