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    NJ - Elijah Ulbrich, 3, dies of head trauma, North Wildwood, 25 Feb 2010

    Charles Kane, Jr. of Wildwood, New Jersey must have beat a child up very badly. The article does not list the child's age, but he's in a Camden County hospital.

    LE came out on a call to an unresponsive child. Somehow it was determined that Kane is the one who hurt the boy.

    The comments following the article are very, very interesting and if true the little boy is in critical, but stable condition. There's support for "Chuck", prayers for the little boy, and alot of information concerning Kane having a restraining order against him from an ex. According to the child's aunt the boy's mom had to do laundry and left the child with Kane.


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    I don't blame the mom if she never saw anything that would indicate violence, but if she was only going to do laundry why didn't she just take the little boy with her? My boys loved going to the laundromat with me.
    Happy New Years

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    From May 2012:


    Christina and Richard Ulbrich stood just feet from Kane on Wednesday as he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing the little boy...

    As part of his March 27 plea hearing, Kane told the judge that he was angry because the boy had wet his pants...

    Elijah’s skull fractured and the injury led to his death weeks later on March 17 at Cooper University Hospital in Camden after what First Assistant Prosecutor J. David Meyer called a “courageous fight on that young boy’s part.”

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