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    NY - Man Charged with using GPS to stalk woman


    Now we are talking; I knew a woman who had this happen to her. The man stalking her flipped on the GPS tracking function of her phone, and showed up at the Disney Store in downtown NYC....right inside the turnstyle where she was exiting the store with her children. No one-not her attorneys or a judge had believed her that she was being stalked by him until that incident. Unfortunately, her Verizon phone service never notified her that the tracking had been turned on, and the man sucessfully used the same argument to a MA judge that he "had no idea he had done anything wrong."

    Word to the wise-if you are facing domestic violence, check your phone. The woman I knew thought she was going crazy because he would show up where ever she was and she could not figure it out.
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    Very good advice! Women should share this information with each other.

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