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    IL - Cops: Man wanted his child molestation victims killed

    March 6, 2010 4:45 PM

    A Chicago man already in jail in a child molestation case now faces solicitation of murder charges in a scheme targeting his two alleged victims, their parents and two others, a Cook County sheriff's spokesman said.

    Edward Floyd, 32, a former baggage handler at O'Hare International Airport, has been in Cook County Jail since his September 2008 arrest on charges of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child.

    He is accused of sexually assaulting two children, including a girl who was 4 at the time of a November 2007 attack Floyd has been linked to through DNA evidence, authorities said.

    In a hearing today before Cook County Criminal Court Judge Dennis Porter, Floyd was ordered held without bail on the new charges of solicitation to commit murder, according to a news release from Steve Patterson, a spokesman for the sheriff's office.

    Floyd is held in the maximum security division of the jail and is in protective custody, only leaving his cell for one hour a day, Patterson said. Recently, during that hour, he told other inmates he wanted to find someone to carry out a killing for him, Patterson said.

    The sheriff's Criminal Intelligence Unit found out about Floyd's conversations and arranged for an undercover officer to pose as a hit man, Patterson said.

    Floyd wrote a letter to the officer with the family's address, detailing where the children slept, Patterson said.

    The undercover officer met with Floyd at the jail last week in a visiting room and the meeting was recorded, according to the release. Floyd offered $15,000 cash, with $7,000 of it in advance, for the slayings, Patterson said.

    Floyd told the officer he did not care if the family found out he arranged their slayings, but asked that the children's deaths be "easy."

    At the same time, Floyd told the officer the parents should be "shot in the face," according to the release.

    more here


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    Well, that just made my whole day. I think I need another glass of wine. My Lord.

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    how stupid is he to think that writing a letter and meeting in a visitor room that he wouldn't be monitored and his plan discovered


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    jeeze....he wanted the kids deaths to be 'easy'. what a sweetheart huh?

    i hope this guys death is slow and painful

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missizzy View Post
    Well, that just made my whole day. I think I need another glass of wine. My Lord.
    Pour me one, please Miss Iz.

    No remorse. No guilt? Nope. Kill em and shoot the parents in the face.


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    What an idiot. He got 20 years for soliciting murder, and 6 years each for 3 counts of predatory criminal sexual assault. Projected parole date is December 2040.


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