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    OK - Davis, Male murder victim, 1954

    FOund this thread {reference only}
    See note under date of January 21, 2005 Vol 9 Issue 409 about 21 & 22
    paragraphs/Sentences under title
    See 3rd paragraph under date of January 19, 2005 Vol 9 Issue 409
    for sumamry of case

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    Thank you for finding that! I've started a thread for the UID on Porchlight.

    Some more info: David Fred Hagler Jr's murder trial began April 16, 1956 in Sulphur, OK. Hagler is described as a "former $23,000-a-year Fort Worth, Texas asphalt salesman." The victim was found in a burning station wagon.


    Hagler was 36. The victim was found October 10, 1954 near Davis, OK. The autopsy showed the victim was burned alive but "unconscious from drunkenness" in Hagler's car. Hagler's business associate, Frank A. St. Clair of Irving, TX, said he'd followed Hagler to Sulphur October 8 so he could bring him back to Fort Worth. "He said Hagler had told him he was taking a car to Oklahoma for a new salesman in his asphalt firm."


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    This case is NUTS!

    Hagler married Elizabeth Bergman on October 21, 1954, only a week and a half after the murder.


    Hagler said he'd been drinking with two men whose names he only remembered as "John and Joe." LE was investigating whether one of the men had a last name of Hearn.


    Hagler said he'd borrowed the station wagon from his ex-wife. They'd divorced about a month before.


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