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    TX - Officer kills gunman outside Walmart in east Texas


    Officer kills gunman outside Walmart in east Texas

    "Authorities say a gunman has been killed and an off-duty officer injured in a shootout outside a Walmart store in the east Texas city of Commerce.

    Commerce spokeswoman Marty Cunningham says police received a call Sunday about shots being fired from a car in nearby Greenville, about 50 miles northeast of Dallas...."

    more at link

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    I've been following the tweets on this story....scary that this guy ran into WalMart with a gun!! I was actually thinking of starting a running thread that we could all post the 'WalMart Crime News'....I bet it wouldn't take long to need a second thread!

    A couple weeks ago I was telling DBF about all the horrible crimes I read about happening either in the store or the parking lot....he's not the news junkie I am & was speechless when I started telling him about the pervs inside the store & the madmen stabbing their wives/estranged wives/ex-wives in the parking lot.

    Thank goodness that off-duty LEO was there today.
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