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    Angry AZ - nursing assistant accused of molesting a patient

    A staffer at St. Luke's Behavior Health Center is accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old patient.
    On the night of Feb. 28, investigators believe 27-year-old Eddie Parker entered the room of the girl and started kissing her.
    According to the police report, Parker left and entered the room three other times, each time escalating the level of molestation until ultimately, he had his hand down the girl's pants.
    "I think this is a case where an individual has taken a position here to get closer and closer to this person while they were there," said Sgt. Trent Crump.
    Parker didn't know the victim before she was admitted, but reportedly got closer to her over time. His alleged advances were not welcome, and the young victim reported the assault to police the very same night.
    "The child came forward to other health care workers and felt comfortable to come forward," said Crump.
    Parker's neighbors said he was polite and quiet and never gave any indication that he was capable of such a crime.

    and this

    Eddie Parker, 26, is a psych tech employee in the Behavioral Health Center who works with patients admitted for behavioral issues. The 14-year-old had been admitted for being suicidal............(((further snip))))).........On the fourth occasion, detectives say, Parker's hands went under the victim's clothing and he touched and penetrated her. At one point, Parker allegedly asked her if she would go into another room to have sex, and whether she "liked it."

    When Parker was interviewed, he first denied the allegations -- but later admitted to sexual touch while denying penetration. He admitted to knowing she was 14 years of age.

    and more

    Parker has worked at the center as a nursing assistant since July, Crump said. He was held without bond in the county jail.

    and then there was this....what???!!!

    The staff members at St. Luke's are cooperating with investigators. Police say they are currently not seeking the public's help in locating additional victims.

    and a video here:

    when they went to the house where he lives with his girlfriend (the media) all they found was their pitbull in the front yard and the couple hadn't been at the home for "days"

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    my question is where did this numbnuts work before he worked here??

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    not looking for additional victims?

    what goes with the barney fife police departments lately

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    He sounds like a psycho tech employee instead of a psych tech one. Plus, he left his dog behind. Guilty as charged then!

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    Poor girl! I hope she is doing ok. Prayers for her and her family.

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