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    MA - Child rape charge rocks TSA

    Child rape charge rocks TSA
    Logan employee pats down air travelers at scan stations
    By O’Ryan Johnson
    Wednesday, March 10, 2010 - Updated 2h ago

    A Transportation Security Agency worker who pats down members of the flying public was charged with multiple child sex crimes targeting an underage girl yesterday.

    The bust outraged privacy and passenger advocates who say it justifies their fears about Logan International Airport’s full-body scanner.


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    what else do you expect from an airport that let the wtc hijackers thru cause they flashed cash at them

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    Well the charges don't stem from anything he did at work, it appears. Thank goodness for that (I think?). It may be that this POS has been limited to one victim and not many and he was busted right away, so if all goes well he will never get the chance to do this again.

    It sounds like his daughter is the one who contacted LE for acts against her friend. Brave girl, if that's the way it happened and kudos to her. I hope her friend appreciates her.


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