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    Gabriel/Caylee Case Parallels

    Some of us have followed Caylee Anthony's case, and find the parallels between her case and Gabe's case interesting.

    I saw in Haleigh's forum, there's a thread where people are discussing the parallels between Haleigh's and Caylee's cases, and thought it would be interesting to have a similar thread here.

    One of the first parallels that stood out to me was a simple one - both Casey and Elizabeth were wearing a blue hoodie on their respective arrests.

    What parallels have you found?

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    Neither seemed very bonded to their babies. Both seem to have problems with the truth. Both claimed not to know who has their babies. Both are young and attractive. Both seemed jealous of the attention the babies got. Both seemed to use their babies to meet their own needs. I am sure I will think of more.

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    In the CA case when she didn't come to court and they went back and got her. Did she know she had to show up and refused, or did she not know ??? I'm really surprised the judge didn't have EJ hauled down that day no matter how long it took to get her there and by what ever means....

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    Now that it has it's own thread...
    1. Neither EJ or casey (I don't capitalize her name) had any real connection to their child.
    2. neither of them seemed to have any grasp of just how much troube they are/were in.
    3. Both used a mysterious thrid party as the last person to see their child.
    4. Both told mutliple lies, both to LE and other people.
    5. Both tried to escape immediately after their crimes; casey into alcohol, it would seem and EJ in the literal sense.
    6. Both are physically attractive, and show signs of severe mental illness, both for quite some time, and with many witnesses.
    7. Both Caylee and Gabriel had other family willing to take them on a full time basis, with little to no questions (apparently - in Caylee's case).
    8. Both kids were removed from other caregivers before the deed was done, Caylee seperated from her grandparents, Gabriel seperated from Logan.
    9. Neither mother seems concerned about the jail atmosphere, in fact, both seem to appear semi-comfortable.
    10. Both seemed to photograph the kids until right up until they committed their respective crimes.
    11. Both of them committed other, less serious offenses at the same time as or immediately following their acts against their children.
    12. Neither casey nor EJ ever wanted the child, but both seemed capable of putting a good mask on it.

    That said, I don't think EJ studied casey's style, I just think these are common threads among parents that commit crimes of this magnitude against their own children.
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    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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