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    WA - Cop Spends $16,835 on More Than 130 Lap Dances Without Making a Single Arrest!


    Objecting to a new claim by prosecutors that prostitution is back at the clubs, attorneys for one of the accused now says the government's effort has turned the FBI into "a vice squad." An attorney representing another defendant has claimed that investigatory reports show one undercover officer spent at least $16,835 buying more than 130 lap dances without making a single arrest.

    That guy probably knew that after the first arrest the investigation would end. One wonders if he could have ever made an arrest and if so how soon into the investigation? It seems to me that after 10 lap dances it's time to say let's move on and focus on other crimes. The taxpayers sure footed a good time bill for that guy.

    During eight undercover visits to the clubs in December and January, the agent told the court Seattle police and an FBI agent were propositioned by 10 dancers. Investigators also found that club management was ignoring sex acts clearly visible to the undercover officers.

    Eight trips to the place and FBI and Seattle police are propositioned by 10 dancers but that one dude couldn't get one girl to come on to him. If they are positive this is going on and need to stop it then they needed to change detectives, for some reason he can't get propositioned. IMO, the reasons could be that he looks too much like a cop or was screwing up the investigation on purpose. (pun kinda intended. )

    "How'd your day go today hunny?"
    "Uuugh, I had to get another 20 lap dances. (sigh) How much longer do I have to put up with this."
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