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    Teacher writes loser on 6 grader's paper


    Rex Roland teaches sixth graders at Enka Middle School in Candler, N.C.
    Patty Clement says her child was repeatedly bullied by Roland in class and she wants it to stop.
    Clement says on a November vocabulary assignment Roland wrote the word "loser" after correcting the paper.
    Just a few weeks ago, another graded assignment made its way home, and at the top of the page was the word "loser" underlined twice
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    Somebody would have a very sore butt tonight had that been my son!

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    OMG!!! That poor child, it's bad enough to be bullied by your classmates, but your teacher!!

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    Teacher should be fired! I wonder which cracker jack box he pulled his degree from. That child is beautiful!! Teacher says his way of joking, I assume if a child told him you are a loser he would have the child in the office quickly.
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    Ugh teacher's like this are the reason I am so against teacher strikes and teachers' unions. Teachers like this are protected by the system until they finally royally screw up.

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    OMG! I can not belive an adult in charge of educating kids would do something like that.

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    not only did he write loser, but -20%. Then the article goes on to say SOME parents actually defend this guys style of teaching because it helps him relate to the kids? What kids? The ones who don't learn respect that we'll be reading about here 20 years from now?

    This teacher needs to be fired, never be allowed to teach again and stay away from ANY employment putting him around children.

    Un real.

    I wonder what the school board will have to say about this.

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    You're fired!

    That's what the school board should be saying. This man has no business being around children. Especially middle schoolers ! (That takes a very special teacher indeed.)

    If he wants to see a he should look in the mirror. A grown man picking on a 13yo! LAME!
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    Wow. The lack of professionalism is staggering.

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    Fire his a$$

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    You know how some teachers put a gold star on homework, or maybe have a neat stamp, for if you do well? My 2nd grade teacher had a *frown* face stamp for homework if you didn't do well. One of my friends used to give her homework to her parents upside down, hoping they'd think it was a smiley face.

    The 'loser' bit is much worse, though.

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    You don't have to give positive reinforcement, especially if it isn't warranted. I'm not one of those teachers who is all lovey-dovey, protect their self-esteem at all costs types. Name calling crosses the line, though. Be specific. -20% for what? For incomplete sentences? Lack of adequate research? Weak thesis statement? What does a child learn from "loser?" Not a thing. Or, maybe, that his teacher is an a$$hole.

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    Unprofessional to say the least. I would be extremely upset if this were my child. If he can write something like this on a homework assignment, I'm afraid to hear how he verbally communicates to his students.

    Some teachers criticism of students can be long lasting. I do hope this one won't for the young man.

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    This is absolutely ridiculous. How can he still be teaching?

    We already have enough problems with bullying in our schools. And very young children committing suicide.

    If a teacher calls students losers, that makes the kids think that it is okay to call their peers losers. If one student feels that his or her friends all think they are a loser, and their teacher thinks they are a loser, that doesn't make for very good self esteem.

    Fire this teacher now before he is responsible for the suicide of a student.

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    This guy needs to go. The really scary part is that he wasn't afraid of the parents or of school authorities. Most bullies at least try not to get caught.

    If he's this undisciplined and is throwing things, he's a security risk. He could snap and harm someone.

    This mother should have demanded that her child be transferred to a new teacher when this started.

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