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    Angry WA - Body Builder Abuses 4 Year Old StepDaughter

    Sean Madigan's nickname, "Big Puppy," suggests a tough guy with a soft side. But his alleged actions suggest something else entirely.

    According to Madigan's ex-wife, the 6'3'', 230-pound Federal Way bodybuilder beat up his four-year-old stepdaughter regularly. Last November, court papers allege that Madigan picked up the girl and covered her mouth and nose in an effort to stop her from crying. When she didn't, Madigan reportedly dropped her to the ground, where she hit her head and suffered extended bouts of dizziness.

    He's also accused of cutting the girl's chin after trying to discipline her for a failed run at potty training. And force-feeding her so violently that she suffered lacerations to her tongue...........
    More at link:

    WHY ISN'T THE MOTHER BEING CHARGED?She let this go on for a YEAR !
    I really HATE hearing about Step Parents being involved in toilet training.IMO it's not their place or business & it's the cause of far too many deaths.

    *ALSO* CPS couldn't interview the girl because the abuser was always present?WTF? They are trying to say CPS couldnt interview the girl alone?I'm calling B.S on that! I think that's CYA from CPS!
    The saints are the sinners who keep trying...

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    Here this freak is a body builder, and can't pick on people his own size. Wonder if he's a roider (roid rage). Sure sounds like it. But I'd prefer he throw himself in front of a bus then ever get away with hurting this little child.

    I agree with you about the toilet training too. My husband did most of the training since it was a boy thing. The mother most certainly should have been on top of this one and I hope she's arrested for at least child endangerment.


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    He must feel like a hero... he's a real tough guy, daring to beat up somebody 10 % his size... Does the mother have a say who's present when her child is interviewed? Did she insist he was always there? To protect him? Because she was afraid of him?

    Otherwise my opinion is that parents have no business shacking up with anybody who can't be trusted to help with the potty training and deal with eventual accidents without going berserk. But none of them seem to take my sage advice... I don't know what to do with all these parents who put their partner ahead of the safety of their children.

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    I hope it made him feel like a big man, the cretin.

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    if only the 10 million other abusers we read about on this site could use 'roid rage' as an excuse huh? i dont know if its roids, but im sure it made him feel like a real tough guy........arghhhhhhhhhhh

    and the mom does nothing until it's convienent to do so

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