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    Interesting comment here:


    "Three of the leads involve potential victims in Seattle, two came from New Hampshire, one from Phoenix and one from Orange County."

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    I haven't seen this info posted here but according to the linked article, a woman in a picture has been identified as someone who went missing from Alaska.


    From the article:
    The photos were found in Alcala's Seattle-area storage locker, but many of the women in the pictures were from elsewhere. One of the women, for example, disappeared from Alaska. Detectives are trying to determine whether Alcala visited Alaska at the time, Smith said.

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    The nine women identified so far are in states including California, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Washington, Thomas said.


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    Santa Ana -- "Nine women have been identified through photographs found in a storage locker owned by convicted serial killer Rodney Alcala so far, and all of them are alive.

    Huntington Beach police Capt. Chuck Thomas said one of them told authorities that Alcala molested her, but he added that the statute of limitations in that case has expired.

    There are also reports by at least 6 families who believe some of Alcala's pictures show loved ones who disappeared years ago and were never found."

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    Wanna go dating with a serial killer and rapist?

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    Profiler Pat Brown comments:


    She says it's creepier in retrospect now that we know he's done all that but that otherwise his behavior on the clip was what this show was all about back then. The other therapist on the video says the same thing and that the interesting thing about the video was that Rodney Alcala was doing a dating show at all, just like if nothing was amiss. There was a screen comment that he tried to use his appearance as evidence for himself in his trial. I suppose it was in the manner of "Hey, I wouldn't have done a dating show appearance if I was a serial killer, would I?"
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    A screen capture:

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    His mother, who is now in her 60s, was too shocked to speak with the media when a friend rang her yesterday after recognising her picture in the newspapers.

    The woman pictured next to her is a childhood friend who she lost touch with more than 20 years ago, and is now trying to reconnect with after they both contacted the police.

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    Paul Lindsay, Ex FBI Agent, on Rodney Alcala Victim Search (Photos): What Investigato

    "The recent release of 100 of serial killer Rodney Alcala's decades-old photos is raising hopes -- and fears -- for those thinking the pictures may hold the answer to a loved one's fate. The photo release by Huntington Beach, Calif. police has prompted at least hundreds of calls, and so far, nine women have been identified through the pictures - thankfully, all of them are alive. "



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    CONCORD, N.H. -- New Hampshire officials are investigating whether a serial killer known as the Dating Game Killer is tied to unsolved murders in the Granite State.

    Rodney Alcala has never been charged with a crime in New Hampshire, but he did live in the state in the late 1906s and early 1970s. He is currently on death row in California for killing four women and a 12-year-old girl.


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    Authorities say 66-year-old Rodney Alcala lived in New Hampshire in the late 1960s and early 1970s, going by the name of John Berger.

    WMUR-TV says New Hampshire has nearly a half dozen unsolved homicides from that time.


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    Meanwhile, King County sheriff's Detective Jake Pavlovich, who is also on the department's cold-case squad, plans to review some of the photos found in Alcala's Shoreline storage locker to see if they match any of its missing-persons cases, particularly that of Cherry Greenman, 19, who vanished from Waterville, Douglas County, in September 1976. The Sheriff's Office looked into her disappearance during the investigation into Green River serial killer Gary L. Ridgway but failed to find a link, Pavlovich said. <snipped>

    LOTS more at link!!!


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    Lt. Mark Milstead, Youngstown Police Department, said officers between Youngstown and Huntington Beach spent time comparing notes and creating a time line Thursday. Police here have determined that Alcala is not responsible for Coughlin’s disappearance.

    According to Milstead, Alcala was in prison in California from October 1974 through June 1977. Coughlin was reported missing in December 1974.


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    Seattle police are seeking DNA samples to determine whether Alcala is a suspect in the slayings of Antionette Witaker, 13, and Joyce Gaunt, 17. Both were killed in Seattle, and their cases were never solved.<snipped>


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    Alcala told the jury during his closing argument in essence that a vote for the death penalty would just force him to put his victim's families through more grief while he exercised every last right afforded to him in appealing a death penalty conviction. <snipped>


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